3 Sumba Island Travel Guide and Tips You Need to Know

The beauty of visiting Sumba Island is one of thousands islands in Indonesia. Even most people seem don’t know much or even never heard about this island, this island is worth to visit. Sumba, located in Province of East Nusa Tenggara is one of the Lesser Sunda Island. If you want to visit this exotic island, here are the highlights:

Sumba island Travel Guide

Sumba Island is an island with many tourist attractions that worth to visit. What do we need to do when visiting or when we want to visit this place? Here are the guides:

Best Time to Visit Sumba Island

You sure want to visit a place in most perfect time to get the best thing about it. You won’t come to the place and can’t do anything due to the wrong timing. As for Sumba, which typically experiences dry season between April and September with plenty of sunshine and blue skies it is suggested to come on those months.

How to Get to Sumba

Flights from Bali

The first way to get to Sumba is by having a fight from Bali. Sumba is a bigger island than Bali Island. It has the twice size of Bali Island. This Island has 2 airports, one on east, Waingapu Airport, the other in the west, Tambolaka Airport.

Before the flight, you should know where to go because the distance of one side to another of the island is over 7 hours drive, and the Taxi fee will be more expensive than the flight ticket itself.

You can take flight from Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, and Nam Air from Bali to Sumba. While Garuda Indonesia has the best track record but you need an extra budget, the Nam Air is the more budget-friendly option.


You may also take the Ferry to Sumba from Aimee in Flores to Waingapu in East Sumba. It will be greater if you fly to Sumba from Bali, travel overland, and then catch a ferry from Sumba to Flores.

You can take the Ferry from Waingapu in Sumba to Aimere in Flores that departs every Tuesday and Friday at 10 pm. It will take 6-9 hours, depending on the weather. Before going, Make sure you book first-class tickets, which only cost $3! You won’t the general area because it will extremely full and you’ll struggle to find a seat. So the first class is the best choice for a more comfortable and cleaner toilet, even you’ll have a place to sleep for the overnight journey.

You may take a ride with a taxi or local bus to get from one destination to another on this island. For a better trip, you may also take the travel agent or get a professional guide as long as you have a trip to Sumba Island. And if you love to travel by bike, you may rent a bike because of there also some bike and car rental around the Island

You will also find many cafés, restaurants and also a hotel and hostel. You may choose the most suitable facility depends on your budget. You don’t need to get the firsts class service, just take a good place to get a better experience in Sumba Island.

Sumba island Travel Tips and Advice

This island is having many places to visits and you will love to stay here for e longer time. What to expect on this island is many exotic beaches such as Marosi Beach, waterfalls such as La Popu Waterfall and some traditional attractions such as Pasola Festival and Horseback festival.

Language in Sumba Island is Mostly Indonesian. And you will also find some society speaking in their language. But for you who speak English, some people also able to speak in English. Or for more comfortable travel, you can go with the translator.

Currency in Sumba is Rupiah. It means that if you have dollars or other currency, you should get the Rupiah currency first. And it is saver if you just bring some of the money that will you use for your daily needs. Don’t bring to much money. Just save it on your ATM card.

Climates in Sumba Island are mostly dry and tropical just like what Indonesians are. So, just take your most comfortable clothes. As for the most popular destination in this place are the waterfall and the beach.

Bring extra sandals or sneakers. Since you may take many trips around the island and it is possible that your sandal and shoes may wear out. And also take extra clothes if you coming here, no matter in the rainy season or dry season.


Sumba Island
Sumba Island


Things to do in Sumba Island

There actually many things you can do on this island but here is some highlight activity you may want to do during your vacation in this Exotic Island:

  • Having the sunset landscape on the beach of the island is a great thing to do from the 05.00 – 06.00 PM
  • Having the freshwater in the waterfall in the morning to the afternoon
  • Doing the traditional thing around the village as long as the festival is running.
  • The great thing to do in the morning is watching the Horseback Festival
  • Participate in Pasola Festival
  • Going around to the Traditional Village all day long
  • Feeling the waves in the beach

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Sumba Island. For more information please visit this section.


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