4 Facts About Kolbano Beach

4 Facts About Kolbano Beach 1

Where is Kolbano Beach

Back to visitntt, are you ready for our next vacation’s spot? Well, Indonesia especially East Nusa Tenggara have so many gem if we talk about tourism objects. There are so may places in here that offered a nice and beautiful view and scenery. It worth every single penny you spend to visit one of those places. And amount them are Kolbano beach in Kupang.

Kolbano beach maybe not as famous as Kuta in Bali. This place is rather like a hidden pearl. This beach is located in the village of Kolbano, Kolbano district, Timor Tengah Selatan regency. Don’t be surprised if you find that this beach a bit quiet and not many tourists here.

Kolbano beach is different from other beaches, since you won’t find any white sands here. But in fact, those white sands has been beautifuly replaced by gravel of rocks. The gravel is so pretty with various colors and gradation. You will be amazed by it, once you see it.

Aside from the beach, your eyes will easily captivated by a solid rock that lies in the beach. It’s kind of landmark of Kolbano beach. The giant rocky, by local people is called by Fatu Un. Visitors are allowed to climb up here, and take some great spot to seen the beauty of Indian ocean. Some said that the rock looks like a lion, or head of people. Still it is a wonderfull landmark to be enshrined in a photograph.

The waves here is strong, therefore you need to be very carefull if you want to swin arround. Though we might not recommend you to do that either. The combination of sea water at the very most nice colors of white, light blue, and dark blue along with colorful pebbles really spoil the eyes.

There is also a monument that lies here as a memento of the Kalbano war. But, unfortunately, the monument is not well preserved. At least, as part of our respect, better to take our time to visit this monument.

Best Time to Visit

The Kolbano beach is best to visit during April – October. As always at this time around you will find a great bright, shinny, and comfy weather.

Ah, and about the time, do not worry so wether you have to pick a time when the sunset or sunrise came, since both of it can be seen in here. So you can choose any way you like.

How to Get Here

You can book a direct flight to Kupang (El Tari airport). You can choose any of these airline such as Garuda, Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air, Transnusa, Batik Air, Citilink, Kalstar, Susi Air, Nam Air, or Aviastar. While the Kalbano beach is place that needs an effort to get. Since the distance is very far from Kupang itself. It is kinda remote place that you need to take a trip for almost about 3-4 hours to get to the beach.

The most reliable transportation might be a rental car. Since you will rarely find a public transportation to Kalbano beach. But if you want to try some you can choose either taxi, bemo, or taxibike.

If you want to take another route, you can also try to ride a ferry, the cost will be cheaper than airplane. Range from Rp 250K – 1.500K, it depends from where you choose to depart.

Travel Tips

Before deciding to take a trip and visiting Kolbano beach, we would like to recommend you of some travel tips. It might be useful when you decide to get a vacation in her. Here are the following travel tips you need to know in Kolbano beach :

  • As mentioned earlier that here in Kolbano beach, there are much of facilities, you will rarely to find toilet or any kind of shops.
  • Better to bring your own needs, like sun blocks, clothes, toiletries, towel, and so forth.
  • We also recommend you to bring enough food here. Since the beach is rather quite and desolate there are not many food stalls here.
  • Prepare for a medicine, especially if you have a motion sickness. The road is a bit winding and steep, and it will take about 3 hours to get here. So it will be a bit tiring.

Go grab your bag now and book your flight destination to Kupang precisely to Kolbano beach. Here you will find a quite atmosphere, away from urban bustle.


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