Alor Island Travel Guide and Tips
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The beauty of visiting Alor Island is you can enjoy a lot of nature destinations. Your vacation is about getting more fun by historical destination you can also visit. Alor Island is located in one of 92 outer islands of Indonesia because it borders with Timor Leste to the south. Alor Island besides having natural beauty that can be seen directly on land and on the beach, it also has natural beauty under the sea in the form of beautiful and rare fish and coral and marine plants that are so charming.

Alor Island Travel guide will help you to enjoy and get the best experience in Alor Island.

Best time to visit Alor Island

Alor Island is known for the best place for diving. If you as travellers are planning to dive in here, the best conditions are from March to November. You can see a lot of sea creatures there like sea horses, sunfish, or even whale shark. December to February is not adviced since during these months, Alor Island is in wet season. The surface conditions can become erratic and there is a possibility of raining and it might be blocking our vision while diving.

How to get to Alor Island

It is kind of challenging getting to Alor Island, but it is not that hard. Travellers can take a flight from Kupang, the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur. You will arrive to Mali Airport in Kalabahi, the main town in Alor Island.

The other option is going to Alor Island by ferry. But it is not advisable because it will take approximately 12 hours from Kupang harbour to Larantuka. You as travellers still have to get on a small boat to Kalabahi seaport, for about an hour.

How to get around Alor Island

Do not worry to hanging out around Alor Island. Alor Island travel guide can give you recommendation the transportation while visiting Alor Island. Alor Island has public transporatation called angkot. Angkot in Alor Island is kind of full of creativity. The angkot is equipped with speakers and has decoration. Angkot serves trips to various destinations such as Kalabahi, Mali and Kokar. The route can be distinguished from color. Angkot has become the right transportation choice for travelers who want to get around Alor, especially since the driver is friendly with passengers from out of town.

City Facilities

Staying in Alor Island for a night will not be enough. You can explore Alor Island for almost a week without getting tired. Having vacation in Alor Island means you need a place to stay. Alor Island travel guide will help you getting to know the city facilities around Alor Island.

Staying in Alor Island

Kalabahi is the main city, and the capital of the Alor Regency. So, you can expect that all the facilities and accommodation are centered here. You can try booking from online or offline. You can visit the website like Traveloka, airbnb, The price are various, but you will probably can get price starts from IDR 175K or 20 USD.


Don’t forget to taste local specialties when visiting Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. Because Alor regional foods are healthy because they are rarely cooked with fried techniques and they definitely taste delicious!

  • Jagung titi, it is similar to popcorn but flattened.
  • Kue Rambut, it represents the shape of a cake similar to fine hair, which is then formed into a triangle shape. They are made from cassava flour and mixed with palm sugar.
  • Sayur Bunga Pepaya dan Ubi Jantung Pisang. These two vegetables are the most common type of vegetable dish when eating at Alor. There is a fresh grilled fish while serving the food.


Alor Island has internet supported now. You can use Telkomsel as SIM Cards provider because the signal is better and they have three signal tower there. You can rest assured to communicate and share your holiday through social media.

Alor Island is known for a great place for diving. Alor Island travel guide and tips will help you what to do and what to prepare before going to Alor Island. It is super easy!

Language in Alor Island

Alor Island speak in Indonesian language. Travellers can learn basic Indonesian language for asking some direction, buying food. Alor Island travel guide and tips, you can also use Google Translate Apps to support your conversation. Even you are not good in Indonesian language, they will mostly understand what you want to say.

Currency in Alor Island

Alor Island is using Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR / Rp). Travellers must have cash in rupiah to avoid a destination which does not accept credit or debit card. If you want to get more cash or convert your money to rupiah, you can go to the banks or ATMs. There are some in the capital city of Alor Island.

Money saving tips

Several Alor Island travel guide and tips for saving money:

  • Find the cheapest flight. Compare all flight price from all website by visiting SkyScanner.
  • Stay in low-cost accommodation. Living in Alor Island is still affordable, the room price usually starts form IDR 150K or around 13 USD. You can try to book directly at the hostel since there will be no third-party. But make sure you have made some accommodation list.
  • Try free tourist attraction. There are some destinations still no entrance fees or the entrance fee is cheap one. You will save more money by doing this.

Climate in Alor Island

Alor Island has two seasons only, dry season and wet season. The island is warm through all the year. Dry season starts around May to Oktober while wet season starts from December to February. The water temperatures vary from a low of around 25°C (March to April and October to November) to 31/32°C from May to September. The good thing is during this period the good visibility around 25-30m. But the visibility can drop to 15m or less due to plankton blooms.

Do’s and donts when visiting Alor Island

Take notes what you should do and what you should not do while visiting Alor Island:

  • Do Smile, greetings, and smile. It is a simple thing to show that you are kind, means no harm while travelling in here.
  • Do learn Indonesian Language. Travellers do not have to be fluent. At least get some basic Indonesian language. Not all people can speak english there. It might help you to bargain when buying souvenirs.
  • Do not do something cross the line. Every place has its own culture. There might something what you do, it is considered as rude. So do some research!
  • Do not do drugs. Drugs are illegal in Indonesia. You can enjoy traveling to Timor Island, Indonesia without drugs and creating problems at other country.

What you should bring (extra preparation)  when visiting Alor Island

Visiting Alor Island is no different with going to other islands in Nusa Tenggara Timur, for example Rote Island or Sumba Island. You should aware some extra preparation while visiting Alor Island. Here some extra preparation while visiting Alor Island Travel Guide and Tips:

  • Get Enough Cash. Make sure you don’t short of money when travelling. It might ruin your vacation if that happens!
  • Universal Adaptors. Eventhough you might buy it while arriving to the airport. It is better to have it before departing. People often forget! It will be a big deal one if it happens!
  • Make some copies of important documents.
  • Bring your own stationaries.

Travel safety advice when visiting Alor Island

Alor Island travel guide and tips will help you what to do for your own safety while visiting Alor Island:

  • Keep your family updated. You can send them how was your day, what you are feeling today. So your family will know you are fine while travelling to Alor Island.
  • Research on each destination. Make sure you know about the place you visit whether the place road is narrow, the place is slippery, etc.
  • Bring your own medicine.

Things to do in Alor Island

If you are stuck to decide where you wanto to go while travelling to Alor Island. Do not worry! Alor Island travel guide and tips has several recommendations! Check it out!

Taman Laut Pantar

Taman Laut Pantar has a lot of diving spots. You can choose one of the spots, like half moon bay, peter’s prize, crocodile rook, shark close. Travellers who want to visit Taman Laut Pantar can go from Kupang and take a ferry to Lanrantuka. Then you continue by using a smaller boat to Kalabahi Port It take 12-13 hours journey. But it is worth it.

Kolam Bidadari

Kolam Bidadari is located approximately 60 kilometers from downtown of Alor Regency which can be taken up to 2 hours 30 minutes. When visiting Kolam Bidadari, travellers should bring all the equipments needed, like food, clothes, footwear. Avoid visiting Kolam Bidadari in dry season since the water is not too good in that season.

Mataru Waterfall

Mataru Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Alor. Taman Mataru Waterfall is located in Legiman Village, Taman Mataru Village, Mataru District. Travellers can visit to this place by private vehicles. It take approximately 2 hours from the district capital of Alor. After arriving to Mataru Waterfall, the visitors are greeted with cool and fresh air emitted from the waterfall. So refreshing!

Desa Adat Takpala

Desa Adat Takpala is located in Alor Island. Travellers can get to Takpala Village by motorcycle taxi or public transportation from Kalabahi Terminal for around 20 minutes. Entering the Takpala Village area is free of charge but to watch a series of traditional dances and attractions there is a fee of Rp. 1 million. This is a price commensurate with the opportunity to see first hand a variety of the most famous dances of the tribe.

Museum 1000 Moko

1000 Moko Museum is a traditional musical instrument of the Alor community which is made of bronze. According to local tradition, Moko is not only used as a musical instrument, but also as a dowry necessity and also a means of payment of fines. You can stop by to this place to know more about Alor culture.

Ling’al Beach

Ling’al Beach is a beach with the green hills around the blue beach make this contrasting scene of Ling’al Beach one of the favorites on Alor Island. The beach is shaped like a small bay, so it doesn’t have too big waves. Travellers can enjoy the beach from a different side, you can climb the hill for 15 minutes and see the exoticism of Ling’al Beach. Very beautiful!

Pigewa Beach

Pigewa Beach is directly opposite of Timor Leste. You will find a unique hollow rock on the beach. The lonely atmosphere with loose waves is guaranteed to make you relax.

Tuti Adagae Hot Springs

The Tuti Adagae Hot Spring is very special. The reason is that water comes out of a neatly arranged rock that resembles an ant’s house. Do not be surprised too if this spring emits a booming sound like the sound of a big motor. The water here is very hot there, so you should not touch or bathe there.

Mount Sirung                                                                                                       

This mountain has a height of 862 meters above sea level. Not too high. To get to the top you need to climb at least an hour. Well, when you get to the top, you will see an amazing panorama of white craters.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Alor Island. Visiting Alor Island is easy and fun with Alor Island travel guide and tips. The guide completes with culture tips, maps, accommodation, etc. For more information you can learn more about Alor Island by clicking on the hashtag Alor Island


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