Great things to do in Flores Island ~Islands is one of Indonesian tourism spots. There are thousands of islands in the country. You will not get bored or run out of the island’s name when you asked to mention it. One of the attentive drawer island is Flores Island. This island seems to be the next star that is getting attention from the local and foreign travelers.

Things to in Flores island

Flores is somehow to be known as the gateway to the Komodo Island, but really just stay there for a while and you will know the beauty of it. For you who want to know the interesting side of the island, here are some things to do in Flores Island you should try:


The first place you can visit is Labuan Bajo, the main harbor and airport on the island. It is known to be the biggest city in Flores, don’t expect it to be the real big city you will see in Bali. Here you will just see the chance to dive and enjoying the sunset.

Great things to do every day around 05.00 pm – 06.00 pm is sitting on the Amelia Sea and enjoying the sea view and waiting for the beautiful sunset. And it will be great if you also exploring the Caves at Batu Cermin while you are visiting Labuan Bajo.


The next place you should visit while in Flores Island is the Ruteng. You will find some local places that you may don’t find in any other place. But, you need to be very careful since some locals may follow you, it seems that the local men are still in awe whenever tourists visiting.

Great things to do in Ruteng is visiting the web rice fields located on the way to ruteng, you may visit here every day at any time. Moreover, you also need to visit the hobbit cave, where the remaining “hobbit” humans were found.


As the highlight of the Island, it is sure worth to visit this place. Bajawa is a town in central Flores that will give you a good vibe. Great things to in Baja are, you may want to feel the sensation of Soaking in the natural hot springs. You may better visit Bena Village that having a great view.

You may also explore the Ogi Waterfall that will give you a fresh vibe and if you feel like to climb, you may go hiking to Inerie or Wawo Muda Volcanoes. You may visits all those places every day from morning to afternoon.


You sure have been heard about the Kelimutu Volcano. This Volcano is having three crater lakes at the top that are different colors, some of the bright blue colors that are matte that it is made this volcano is popular. Sometimes one the water’s crater even changes to red depending on the oxygen levels. And this volcano is located in this town.

Great things to do in this town are to enjoying nature by visits the crater and enjoying the waterfall. You will enjoy this natural town from morning to night without any disruption from any modern thing such as Wi-Fi.


Located is the coast from Labuan Bajo, Kanawa Island is more like an underwater paradise for the one who likes to dive. Great things to do in this island are diving along the day as long as the sun is bright because you won’t see anything in a dark light.

But the water of the sea is clear, so you will be satisfied to see through the marine life such as turtles, rays, sharks and any other marine animals. If you need places for getting away from the crowded place, just come and stay in this place sometimes.


Tradition is one of the most attractions in tourism in Indonesia, including Flores Island.  Coming here without watching the Caci Dance will be a waste. So, make sure to see the attractions. Caci Dance is one of the dances of the indigenous people of West Flores known as the Manggarai people.

The dance is acted by two men by hitting each other with whips while dressed as animals. This dance is accompanied by drumbeat; even they hit each other it is not a serious fight. You may watch this, but this dance isn’t scheduled, so if you need to watch this, great things to do is by getting a guide.


If you really like hiking and climbing, you may want to visit the Love hill. This place is to sit outside the Labuan Bajo. In the afternoon, you may see the beautiful sunsets from the top of the hills.

Great things to do in this place are flocking the sunsets, see the tropical forests, picturesque hills, and also the azure waters of the Flores see from the top of the love hill. If you are in Labuan Bajo, coming to this place is a great idea.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Flores Island. For more information, you can learn more about Flores Island in this section.

The beauty of visiting Alor Island is you can enjoy a lot of nature destinations. Your vacation is about getting more fun by historical destination you can also visit. Alor Island is located in one of 92 outer islands of Indonesia because it borders with Timor Leste to the south. Alor Island besides having natural beauty that can be seen directly on land and on the beach, it also has natural beauty under the sea in the form of beautiful and rare fish and coral and marine plants that are so charming.

Alor Island Travel guide will help you to enjoy and get the best experience in Alor Island.

Best time to visit Alor Island

Alor Island is known for the best place for diving. If you as travellers are planning to dive in here, the best conditions are from March to November. You can see a lot of sea creatures there like sea horses, sunfish, or even whale shark. December to February is not adviced since during these months, Alor Island is in wet season. The surface conditions can become erratic and there is a possibility of raining and it might be blocking our vision while diving.

How to get to Alor Island

It is kind of challenging getting to Alor Island, but it is not that hard. Travellers can take a flight from Kupang, the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur. You will arrive to Mali Airport in Kalabahi, the main town in Alor Island.

The other option is going to Alor Island by ferry. But it is not advisable because it will take approximately 12 hours from Kupang harbour to Larantuka. You as travellers still have to get on a small boat to Kalabahi seaport, for about an hour.

How to get around Alor Island

Do not worry to hanging out around Alor Island. Alor Island travel guide can give you recommendation the transportation while visiting Alor Island. Alor Island has public transporatation called angkot. Angkot in Alor Island is kind of full of creativity. The angkot is equipped with speakers and has decoration. Angkot serves trips to various destinations such as Kalabahi, Mali and Kokar. The route can be distinguished from color. Angkot has become the right transportation choice for travelers who want to get around Alor, especially since the driver is friendly with passengers from out of town.

City Facilities

Staying in Alor Island for a night will not be enough. You can explore Alor Island for almost a week without getting tired. Having vacation in Alor Island means you need a place to stay. Alor Island travel guide will help you getting to know the city facilities around Alor Island.

Staying in Alor Island

Kalabahi is the main city, and the capital of the Alor Regency. So, you can expect that all the facilities and accommodation are centered here. You can try booking from online or offline. You can visit the website like Traveloka, airbnb, The price are various, but you will probably can get price starts from IDR 175K or 20 USD.


Don’t forget to taste local specialties when visiting Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. Because Alor regional foods are healthy because they are rarely cooked with fried techniques and they definitely taste delicious!

  • Jagung titi, it is similar to popcorn but flattened.
  • Kue Rambut, it represents the shape of a cake similar to fine hair, which is then formed into a triangle shape. They are made from cassava flour and mixed with palm sugar.
  • Sayur Bunga Pepaya dan Ubi Jantung Pisang. These two vegetables are the most common type of vegetable dish when eating at Alor. There is a fresh grilled fish while serving the food.


Alor Island has internet supported now. You can use Telkomsel as SIM Cards provider because the signal is better and they have three signal tower there. You can rest assured to communicate and share your holiday through social media.

Alor Island is known for a great place for diving. Alor Island travel guide and tips will help you what to do and what to prepare before going to Alor Island. It is super easy!

Language in Alor Island

Alor Island speak in Indonesian language. Travellers can learn basic Indonesian language for asking some direction, buying food. Alor Island travel guide and tips, you can also use Google Translate Apps to support your conversation. Even you are not good in Indonesian language, they will mostly understand what you want to say.

Currency in Alor Island

Alor Island is using Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR / Rp). Travellers must have cash in rupiah to avoid a destination which does not accept credit or debit card. If you want to get more cash or convert your money to rupiah, you can go to the banks or ATMs. There are some in the capital city of Alor Island.

Money saving tips

Several Alor Island travel guide and tips for saving money:

  • Find the cheapest flight. Compare all flight price from all website by visiting SkyScanner.
  • Stay in low-cost accommodation. Living in Alor Island is still affordable, the room price usually starts form IDR 150K or around 13 USD. You can try to book directly at the hostel since there will be no third-party. But make sure you have made some accommodation list.
  • Try free tourist attraction. There are some destinations still no entrance fees or the entrance fee is cheap one. You will save more money by doing this.

Climate in Alor Island

Alor Island has two seasons only, dry season and wet season. The island is warm through all the year. Dry season starts around May to Oktober while wet season starts from December to February. The water temperatures vary from a low of around 25°C (March to April and October to November) to 31/32°C from May to September. The good thing is during this period the good visibility around 25-30m. But the visibility can drop to 15m or less due to plankton blooms.

Do’s and donts when visiting Alor Island

Take notes what you should do and what you should not do while visiting Alor Island:

  • Do Smile, greetings, and smile. It is a simple thing to show that you are kind, means no harm while travelling in here.
  • Do learn Indonesian Language. Travellers do not have to be fluent. At least get some basic Indonesian language. Not all people can speak english there. It might help you to bargain when buying souvenirs.
  • Do not do something cross the line. Every place has its own culture. There might something what you do, it is considered as rude. So do some research!
  • Do not do drugs. Drugs are illegal in Indonesia. You can enjoy traveling to Timor Island, Indonesia without drugs and creating problems at other country.

What you should bring (extra preparation)  when visiting Alor Island

Visiting Alor Island is no different with going to other islands in Nusa Tenggara Timur, for example Rote Island or Sumba Island. You should aware some extra preparation while visiting Alor Island. Here some extra preparation while visiting Alor Island Travel Guide and Tips:

  • Get Enough Cash. Make sure you don’t short of money when travelling. It might ruin your vacation if that happens!
  • Universal Adaptors. Eventhough you might buy it while arriving to the airport. It is better to have it before departing. People often forget! It will be a big deal one if it happens!
  • Make some copies of important documents.
  • Bring your own stationaries.

Travel safety advice when visiting Alor Island

Alor Island travel guide and tips will help you what to do for your own safety while visiting Alor Island:

  • Keep your family updated. You can send them how was your day, what you are feeling today. So your family will know you are fine while travelling to Alor Island.
  • Research on each destination. Make sure you know about the place you visit whether the place road is narrow, the place is slippery, etc.
  • Bring your own medicine.

Things to do in Alor Island

If you are stuck to decide where you wanto to go while travelling to Alor Island. Do not worry! Alor Island travel guide and tips has several recommendations! Check it out!

Taman Laut Pantar

Taman Laut Pantar has a lot of diving spots. You can choose one of the spots, like half moon bay, peter’s prize, crocodile rook, shark close. Travellers who want to visit Taman Laut Pantar can go from Kupang and take a ferry to Lanrantuka. Then you continue by using a smaller boat to Kalabahi Port It take 12-13 hours journey. But it is worth it.

Kolam Bidadari

Kolam Bidadari is located approximately 60 kilometers from downtown of Alor Regency which can be taken up to 2 hours 30 minutes. When visiting Kolam Bidadari, travellers should bring all the equipments needed, like food, clothes, footwear. Avoid visiting Kolam Bidadari in dry season since the water is not too good in that season.

Mataru Waterfall

Mataru Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Alor. Taman Mataru Waterfall is located in Legiman Village, Taman Mataru Village, Mataru District. Travellers can visit to this place by private vehicles. It take approximately 2 hours from the district capital of Alor. After arriving to Mataru Waterfall, the visitors are greeted with cool and fresh air emitted from the waterfall. So refreshing!

Desa Adat Takpala

Desa Adat Takpala is located in Alor Island. Travellers can get to Takpala Village by motorcycle taxi or public transportation from Kalabahi Terminal for around 20 minutes. Entering the Takpala Village area is free of charge but to watch a series of traditional dances and attractions there is a fee of Rp. 1 million. This is a price commensurate with the opportunity to see first hand a variety of the most famous dances of the tribe.

Museum 1000 Moko

1000 Moko Museum is a traditional musical instrument of the Alor community which is made of bronze. According to local tradition, Moko is not only used as a musical instrument, but also as a dowry necessity and also a means of payment of fines. You can stop by to this place to know more about Alor culture.

Ling’al Beach

Ling’al Beach is a beach with the green hills around the blue beach make this contrasting scene of Ling’al Beach one of the favorites on Alor Island. The beach is shaped like a small bay, so it doesn’t have too big waves. Travellers can enjoy the beach from a different side, you can climb the hill for 15 minutes and see the exoticism of Ling’al Beach. Very beautiful!

Pigewa Beach

Pigewa Beach is directly opposite of Timor Leste. You will find a unique hollow rock on the beach. The lonely atmosphere with loose waves is guaranteed to make you relax.

Tuti Adagae Hot Springs

The Tuti Adagae Hot Spring is very special. The reason is that water comes out of a neatly arranged rock that resembles an ant’s house. Do not be surprised too if this spring emits a booming sound like the sound of a big motor. The water here is very hot there, so you should not touch or bathe there.

Mount Sirung                                                                                                       

This mountain has a height of 862 meters above sea level. Not too high. To get to the top you need to climb at least an hour. Well, when you get to the top, you will see an amazing panorama of white craters.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Alor Island. Visiting Alor Island is easy and fun with Alor Island travel guide and tips. The guide completes with culture tips, maps, accommodation, etc. For more information you can learn more about Alor Island by clicking on the hashtag Alor Island

Wonderful of Bena Traditional Village

Have you heard about Bena Traditional Village before? Well, even if you didn’t know this place yet, trust me, you will falling in love to this place after learn more about it.

Bena village is located in the district of Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara. The village is in top of the hill surrounded by the view of mount Inerie. Bena is one of megalithic village that existed in Indonesia, here you could find a lot of cultural heritage including the megalithic building. There are shrine, dolmen, or stone of monument that familiar in the era of megalithic which still existed in Bena traditional village. The government of Ngada district notes that Bena has been existed for about 1.200 years ago.

Travel Tips in Beautiful Bena Traditional Village 3
Source : (Nick Kelder)

The houses (hut) in this village or rather community, extends into two rows, while in the center of the houses there are pairs of buildings. Those buildings are what so called Ngadhu and Bagha (pairs of shrine) which represent the clan of the village (representing the clan anchestor). Ngadhu is an anthromorphic pole embodying the male anchestor of the clan, it shape’s take the feature of umbrella but made of wood and leaves. The Bagha in contrary is a shrine dedicated to the female ancestors. It is like a small hut and so much resemble of the mini traditional house.

Bena traditional village were beautifully lies and surrounded by forest and view of mountain. It is really a place where you want to spend your time quitely and so natural.

Best Time to Visit

Did you already interested in coming here for your next trip? It won’t make you disappointed actually. If there is a question arised on when the best time to visit Bena traditional village, then the answer will be, you could visit this place anytime.

There is no significant time according to the season for visiting Bena, but it is best for you to came in dry season. You will find it hard to came in rainy season, since from the village is located almost 16 km from the region of Bajawa. While the road is not quite that easy to pass, there are lot of sharp bends and climbs.

During May to August will be the perfect time, if you want to save your money, you can avoid the high seasons. So, you could skip July or August in your list to travel.

How To Get Here?

Bena can be reach from Bajawa. But before arriving into this traditional village, you need to drive for about 7-8 hours from Labuan Bajo to Bajawa. Labuan Bajo will be the best option to reach Bajawa since you could get a travel package to cut the price.

The route you take will be Bali – Labuan Bajo – Bajawa – Bena village. From Bali to Labuan Bajo you could take a ferry with the cost approximately at Rp 185K – 800K from economy to first class seats. From Labuan Bajo to Bajawa you can take a rental car or by public transportation, and take a rental car or motorbike or taxibike to Bena.

If you have a spare for money or the weather is bad to take a ferry, you could take a flight to Labuan Bajo. And the route will be same as before. While if you reach it from Kupang (take a direct flight to Kupang airport) and continue to Bajawa both by taking flight (rarely available) or go take a travel car or bus. From Bajawa you can continue your trip using taxibike or motorbike. This also applied if you take route from Ende, there is also an infamous tourist destination here, Mount of Kelimutu.

Travel Tips

There are no such of homestay, hotel, hostel, or guest house in Bena traditional village or near here. Mostly visitor take a guest house or homestay in Bajawa. You can find any kind of home stay or small hotel here.

There are some tips that you need to prepare before visiting Bena traditional village :

  1. There are several guest house, homestay, or hotel in Bajawa with various of prices from Rp 150K – 450K and more.
  2. Bena traditional village only available from 8.00 am – 5 pm, so you need to carefully scheduling your visit.
  3. Bring enough cash along with you since you won’t find any ATM near here, you will need this cash to buy handicraft or weaving and pay some entrance fee. Foreign visition will be charge for Rp 25K and local visitor will be charge for Rp 20K.
  4. Since the weather in Bajawa is cold, i recommend you to bring sweater, jacket, long sleeve that warm and comfortable enough for you.
  5. Prepare a medicine, especially for you who have a motion sickness, you will need it somehow. Better to bring other medicine required to prevent yourself for troubling in finding medical clinics.

And that’s all you need to know about Bena Traditional Village, a nice place to feel the sensation of living in a stone age. Eventhough the place has been touch by some modern thing, but still it worth to visit.

Kalong Island (Flying Foxes Island) 4
Picture of Kalong Island (source :

Kalong Island The Beauty of Wild Nature

East Nusa Tenggara is a fabulous destination for those who loves the beauty of nature, peace, and biodiversity. There are several destination here that can be choose to spend your holiday along with your family, relatives, or friends. You must ever heard about Komodo National Park which is very famous for its endemic animal, Komodo dragons. But, aside from Komodo National Park, here you can find another great destination who is famous of their wild life. Kalong (Flying Foxes) Island, it is how people here addresses this place.

The island is located in the District of Manggarai and part of group of islands that belong to Komodo National Park. As the name cited, Kalong Island is the place of thousands of flying foxes or big bats. At the daylight, the kalong will hanging in the trees, and you might see a magnificent view when the sunset came down. Thousands of flying foxes, with their great voices will covered up the sky.

Kalong island is quite small, which is overgrown with mangroves and not inhabited by humans. This island is playing a significant part to maintain the balance of nature especially for the sea with all the mangroves. Here you can also find beaches, but before stepping your foot in this beaches, better to prepare and warn yourself to be carefull, since the waves here is rather big. Along with the fact that there is no big pier here

Kalong island, is place where you can find the beauty and exostic of nature can be offered. It is a destination for you who loves adventure, and is a great checkpoint to visit aside from Komodo and Rinca islands.

Best Time to Visit Kalong Island

Kalong island is best to visit in evening or when the sunset came down, it is nice to visit this place around at 6 pm. You will be able to witness thousands of flying foxes, fly above and covering the dark orange sky in order to search for food.

Kalong island as mentioned before is uninhabited place, therefore avoiding rainy season is the best choice. Besides it is also inhabited by a python colony. If you dare to set foot here, it is better for you to be accompanied by tour guide.

If you want to spend sometimes here, you can came at noon. Take your time here with snorkling and diving while waiting for the evening to come. The coral reefs here is one of the beauty, raw, and exotic view. It is still very well preserved and natural, so there are many types of fish that you can find.

How to Get Here

The entrance to reach Kalong island is Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo you can rent a speedboat and take it for 30-50 minutes to reach this place. Trust me, that it will be a great and nice short trip.

There is also a sailing trip that available for you to take. The sailing trip price might be around Rp 1-2 million, and it will offered you an overnight stay in Kalong island. The trip will be start from Labuan Bajo and head to around the Komodo National Park. if you want to go around Lombok either, you need to spend for about Rp 3 million per trip.

Another route you might take to reach Kalong island is by Denpasar. From Denpasar you can take feri to cross to East Nusa Tenggara for about 4-5 hours. After that you can take public transportation to reach Labuan Bajo. And the route to Kalong Island will be the same as the first route.

Travel Advices

Since it is uninhabited island, there are several advices for you who would like have a vacation here :

  • Bring along enough warm clothes to be used here, since the weather is quite cold during night.
  • It is best to store your medicine, since you will find it hard to get medication during your visit to Kalong island.
  • If you want to go snorkling and diving too, it is better to prepare you outfit and any accessories needed.
  • There is no place to stay in Kalong Island so you need to book places in Labuan Bajo. There are several resort, homestay, or hotel around here. You can pick one with the most suited budget with you.
  • Do not forget to bring along your camera or phone to take a picture of the nature here.

Book for a flight and take a trip to this wonderful island is worth to put in your vacation list. Escape from you daily routine for a while, and be amazed of the stunning view from sky covering by thousands flying foxes.

Nemberala Beach in Rote Island

The island of Rote in East Nusa Tenggara is the southerntmost region of Indonesia. It is a part of Rote archipelago, which consisted of 96 islands including Rote island, Usu island, Ndao island, Nuse island and many more. This region is an area with a dry climate and is affected by monsoons.

Exoticness of Nemberala Beach 6
Nemberala Beach (Source : lush palm /

The Rote archipelago has been well known for it’s tourism spot. Especially beach and of course their famous musical instrument ‘Sasando’. It is surely a place that you need to visit once in a while. And among those lovely beaches here, you can find Nemberala Beach in Rote island.

Nemberala Beach is famous of it’s beautiful view and landscape, along with their great waves. Several surfing events has been held in here regularly. Enjoying a wonderful sunset, combined with warm tropical weather and cool sea breezes is an advantage of this beach. Therefore this place is quite famous among foreign tourists.

As mentioned before that surfing events often held here. With waves as high as 7-10 meters can be found in Nemberala beach. The blue sea water combined with typical beach views such as coconut trees and white sand add to the beauty of this beach. The beach is rather wide and slope, a very great place to relax if you don’t want to surf. In addition here is one of the producers of seaweed. You can also find seaweed harvesting activities here in Nemberala beach.

The Best Time to Nemberala Beach

If you want to watch the surfing contest, we suggest you to come here during the wave season at around August – October. There will be local and international surfing contests here.

But if you don’t want to involved in the crowd and have a more quiet atmosphere, than visit this place during March – July will be great. Remember to always see the change of seasons, which not easily predict in Indonesia. Avoid a rainy seasons if you want to visit Nemberala Beach of course.

How to Get Here

There are two options for visitors to reach this amazing beach. Since the beach is lies in such a remote island, you need an extra efforts to visit Nemberala beach. Here are the options that you can get :

  • By airplane, you can book for flight from Kupang to Rote. There are two airlines serving the route, Trans Nusa and Susi Air. The price will range from Rp 200K-300K/person and is scheduled to fly 3 times a week.
  • You can also find the sea routes here both by using a ferry of speedboat. The route both ferry and speedboat will depart from Kupang. The ferry will start from Bolok port, Kupang to Pantai Baru (New Beach) port, Rote and will take about 3-5 hours with the price around Rp 50K.
  • If you choose a speedboat than you will departed from Tenau port, Kupang to Pantai Baru (New Beach), Rote and will take about 1.5-2 hours with the price around Rp 150K-190K.

After arriving at the port in Rote Island, you can take a ride to the city of Ba’a for around 45 minutes. The road is quite comfortable and the road has been smoothy paved. Ba’a city can be said as the center of Rote island. Here you can reach Nemberala beach by travel agent or using motorbike, or taxibike, or you can also find a bus at a cost of Rp 50K-100K.

You won’t get bored during  the trip to the beach because you will be presented with beautiful savanna views. The road was quiet enough, peace and once in a while, the cool breeze will greeting you on the road.

Travel Advices

Here are some advices from visitntt for you, who want to visit Nemeberala beach. To make your vacation be more interesting and satisfying, you need to pay attention of these advices :

  • There are various homestay, hotel, or resort near Nemberala beach. You need to pick one according to your budget and needs. Calculated also on how many days you will stay here. Since the price for lodging is very diverse from hundreds to millions of rupiah.
  • Residents’ homes can also be your choice of lodging.
  • For an international tourist destination, there are no much of facilities here in Nemberala beach. So you need to prepare for your needs carefully. Better to stored for daily needs in Kupang before you departed to Rote island.
  • We recommend you to book for accomodation and transportation first. It will be a lot easier for you, to spend time here if you booked that already.

Bring enough cash, since you will need it. And of course there are so many activities that you can choose here, aside from surfing and enjoying the view of beach. Snorkeling, fishing, swimming or enjoy the local culture. You can visit weaving village, the house of King of Rote, or rent a boat to visit nearby islands.

Nihiwatu Beach of Sumba

Sumba is not yet as famous as Bali. But, Sumba is like a gem, it has so many beauty of natural tourism object, especially for it’s beach. The island is part of East Nusa Tenggara. You can also find another tourist attraction in Sumba, such as lake, traditional village, waterfall, and of course their savanna.

The Amazing of Nihiwatu Beach 7

Even the name of Nihiwatu beach is not too famous compared to the beach of Kuta, Bali, but you need to know that this beach has been choosen as the 17th most beautiful beach in the world. Amazing was it? The lack of information is maybe the main cause of why Nihiwatu beach has not yet been famous like Kuta in Bali.

Nihiwatu beach is located in the west of Sumba. And you need an effort to reach this beach. It is as much far as 30 Km from the city of Waikabubak. Nihiwatu, though for domestic people is not famous enough, but has been the destination for surfer all across the world. This beach also known from it’s title as ‘Left God Wave’. The name itself represent how the wave in Nihiwatu be a valuable gifts for surfers. They eager to seek and trying to overcome the wave of Nihiwatu beach.

But, to be honest Nihiwatu is rather a private beach, and not available for any persons. Since Nihiwatu beach has been managed by international resort called as Nihiwatu’s resort. You can only enjoy this beach as long as you booked a resort here, or be the guest in this luxurious resort. Well, there must be a price for something valuable right? This place is like a sanctuary for whoever seek for peace, quite, amazing view and away from the city crowd.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to spend your time surfing here, or enjoying the nice and comfy weather. We would like to suggest you visit Nihiwatu beach during dry season from April to October. The waves would be nice around September to October. During the dry season, the sky will be quite clear, and you will be able to enjoy sunset, sunrise, and treasuring the star at the night sky.

Isn’t it the best time also to surf during a sunny day rather than a cloudy one?

How to Get Here

Well, as mentioned before that you need to be guest in Nihiwatu beach before coming to this place. You can reach this place by several ways, but the most common choice is using an airplane.

For an internasional flight, you can transit to Denpasar, Bali (Ngurah Rai) and continue to Tambolaka airport. There are 3 main airlines that serving this route like Garuda, Wings, and Trans Nusa. From the Tambolaka airport you can continue your trip by renting a car that will take time in around 3-4 hours to Nihiwatu Beach. The cost to rent a car approximately at Rp 300K-400K.

If you want to try another option you can also take a flight from Kupang (El Tari) airport to Tambolaka or to Umbu Mehang Kunda, Waingapu, East Sumba. And rent a car from here to Nihiwatu beach, it will cost you for about Rp 400K-700K.

There are another way to reach Nihiwatu, which are by land or sea. This will be very draining but saves costs a bit. The route will be from East Java – Banyuwangi (Ketapang port) – Bali (Gilimanuk port) – Bali (Padang Bay) – Lembar (Lombok) – Khayangan (Lombok) – Poto Tano (Sumbawa) – Sape (Bima) –  Waikelo (West Sumba) and the route will be the same as previous to Nihiwatu beach.

Well, it depends on which way you want to choose. Each of it will give you a better things, and has strengths and weaknesses itself.

Travel Advices

Well since in Nihiwatu beach only have one resort, or actually managed by a resort. There are no much left for you to choose a lodging. You can choose the bungalow according to your budget. It is quite expensive, but trust me, it serve you with a world class facility and services. Here are some travel advices before you visit Nihiwatu Beach :

  • Consider about the exclusivity of this place, you have to make a reservation before coming here.
  • Prepare for your transportation before you visit this place, right from the start.
  • You need to consider about your budget since if not mistaken the resort must be booked for at least 5 days.
  • Prepare your luggage and adjust it to your needs.
  • Nihiwatu might be close during Janurari to February, since the intensity of rain is usually high during this months.
  • There are so many activities you could do in here, so prepare for your stamina and physical healt.

Well, even the price to visit Nihiwatu is expensive, but it will give a worthy reward for your vacation there. World has acknowledge for the beauty of Nihiwatu, it is worth to visit even for once.

A Wonderful Oetune Beach 8
Source :

About Oetune Beach

Oetune beach, have you heard it before? It is a wonderful place where you can spend some time to relax and take a bunch of photograph for your instagram. This lovable beach is unique yet attractive at the same time.

Oetune beach located in Oebelo, South Amanuban, Timor Tengah Selatan regency, East of Nusa Tenggara. This beach is different from any other beaches in Indonesia. Here you can find a mix of blue sea water, nice beach sands, and what the most amazing things is the very existence of a desert. Yup, a desert within a beach is existed here in Oetune beach. The desert expanse is about 100 square meters.

It is as if you are in the middle of the desert in Middle East country. Near the desert you can find typical beach plants include palm leaves. Lontar palms lined up looking around the beach, and people usually sold for the fruit. You can taste this fresh fruit at the price of Rp 3K – 5K/piece. Along with lontar palm trees, you can also find Kasuari trees here.

The unique landscape of Oetune beach often used by a lot of people for a photograph session. Including pre wedding session, or others. Aside from that you can also enjoy the beautiful of the beach and sea breeze in a gazebo like called lopo. Unlike the lopo in Kalbano beach, here you can find plenty of it. The government has been developed this beach, by giving enough facilities.

And in addition to that, you can see a white sandy beach that overlooks the borders of Australia. It is an attractive view for mos t of the tourists. If you want to visit this beach, consider that it will be too crowd during weekends.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Oetune beach is during dry season from April to October. Avoid Januari to Februari since it might be quite heavy rain during these months. And in addition that you might find a huge crowd during this months.

So if you want to spend a nice, comfy, peace, and quite atmosphere go find another months to visit this place. And if you want not to many people here during your visit, you’d better to pick weekdays.

If the weather is nice and bright, you will be able to see a magnificent scenery of blue water and white sky, along with white sand and the green of lontar palms and Kasuari trees.

How to Get Here

To visit Oetune beach you need at least 2 – 3 hours of driving. The road access to this beach is smooth, you will pass the southern crossing line. The road is a bit winding and up and down. And you might want to take your medicine along.

The distance between the beach of Oetune with the city of Kupang is about 135 KM. All across the road you will find a nice view like hills, and typical Timor houses. You won’t get bored since it will pleased your eyes. Right before reaching this place you will find a crossing path that if you take straight ahead, you will reach Kolbano beach.

Travel Guides

There are some travel guides that you need to know before visiting Oetune beach. It will make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.

  • Don’t forget to bring enough cash since you will needed som here. For the entrance tickets you will not be charge, but you have to pay for parking fees for about Rp 1K-3K.
  • You can use some cash to buy lontar fruit from the kids around the beach or if you want to use .
  • The facility here is quite complete, but you need to bring your own needs like shampoo, towel, and soap if you decide to swim here.
  • To make your vacation smoother, you need to book a rental car from Kupang to Oetune beach.
  • Remember to bring along your phone or camera to take a bunch of photograph here. This place is what people said as instagramable places.
  • It is important for you to bring along enough food or meal since the small shop near here only sell snacks.
  • For the accomodation like hotel or lodging, we recommend you to pick a hotel in Kupang. Since it is not to far from the beach. You can find a lot of options here rather than staying near Oetune.

Now that’s all about the information you need to now before visiting Oetune beach in Kupan. Remember that wherever you decide to go during your vacation, keep it in mind to always protect the nature. Don’t leave any trash especially in this lovable beach. Enjoy your time!

4 Facts About Kolbano Beach 9

Where is Kolbano Beach

Back to visitntt, are you ready for our next vacation’s spot? Well, Indonesia especially East Nusa Tenggara have so many gem if we talk about tourism objects. There are so may places in here that offered a nice and beautiful view and scenery. It worth every single penny you spend to visit one of those places. And amount them are Kolbano beach in Kupang.

Kolbano beach maybe not as famous as Kuta in Bali. This place is rather like a hidden pearl. This beach is located in the village of Kolbano, Kolbano district, Timor Tengah Selatan regency. Don’t be surprised if you find that this beach a bit quiet and not many tourists here.

Kolbano beach is different from other beaches, since you won’t find any white sands here. But in fact, those white sands has been beautifuly replaced by gravel of rocks. The gravel is so pretty with various colors and gradation. You will be amazed by it, once you see it.

Aside from the beach, your eyes will easily captivated by a solid rock that lies in the beach. It’s kind of landmark of Kolbano beach. The giant rocky, by local people is called by Fatu Un. Visitors are allowed to climb up here, and take some great spot to seen the beauty of Indian ocean. Some said that the rock looks like a lion, or head of people. Still it is a wonderfull landmark to be enshrined in a photograph.

The waves here is strong, therefore you need to be very carefull if you want to swin arround. Though we might not recommend you to do that either. The combination of sea water at the very most nice colors of white, light blue, and dark blue along with colorful pebbles really spoil the eyes.

There is also a monument that lies here as a memento of the Kalbano war. But, unfortunately, the monument is not well preserved. At least, as part of our respect, better to take our time to visit this monument.

Best Time to Visit

The Kolbano beach is best to visit during April – October. As always at this time around you will find a great bright, shinny, and comfy weather.

Ah, and about the time, do not worry so wether you have to pick a time when the sunset or sunrise came, since both of it can be seen in here. So you can choose any way you like.

How to Get Here

You can book a direct flight to Kupang (El Tari airport). You can choose any of these airline such as Garuda, Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air, Transnusa, Batik Air, Citilink, Kalstar, Susi Air, Nam Air, or Aviastar. While the Kalbano beach is place that needs an effort to get. Since the distance is very far from Kupang itself. It is kinda remote place that you need to take a trip for almost about 3-4 hours to get to the beach.

The most reliable transportation might be a rental car. Since you will rarely find a public transportation to Kalbano beach. But if you want to try some you can choose either taxi, bemo, or taxibike.

If you want to take another route, you can also try to ride a ferry, the cost will be cheaper than airplane. Range from Rp 250K – 1.500K, it depends from where you choose to depart.

Travel Tips

Before deciding to take a trip and visiting Kolbano beach, we would like to recommend you of some travel tips. It might be useful when you decide to get a vacation in her. Here are the following travel tips you need to know in Kolbano beach :

  • As mentioned earlier that here in Kolbano beach, there are much of facilities, you will rarely to find toilet or any kind of shops.
  • Better to bring your own needs, like sun blocks, clothes, toiletries, towel, and so forth.
  • We also recommend you to bring enough food here. Since the beach is rather quite and desolate there are not many food stalls here.
  • Prepare for a medicine, especially if you have a motion sickness. The road is a bit winding and steep, and it will take about 3 hours to get here. So it will be a bit tiring.

Go grab your bag now and book your flight destination to Kupang precisely to Kolbano beach. Here you will find a quite atmosphere, away from urban bustle.

Amazing Facts of Batu Bolong Reef 10

The Batu Bolong Reef

Hi travelers, do you like to dive or snorkeling? Do you wonder, where is the place or best spot to enjoy diving and snorkeling that will give you a best impression? There is one diving spot for you to try, which located in the East Nusa Tenggara. This place is part of the Komodo National Park. Have you heard about Batu Bolong Reef before?

Batu Bolong or hollow rock, is a place as cited in it’s name. Located in the northern of Komodo island, is a rock pinnacle that lies in 75 metres of water. It is situated between Tatawa Island to the east and Komodo main island to the west. The dives site is one of the signature place to be recommended by people here. You will find tons of beautiful fish and coral reefs here. A trus gem for people who like dive.

The one that can be compared to Batu Bolong Reef is a diving site in Raja Ampat. The coral reefs is very tight, colourful, and still well preserved. It is one of the best spot to find many kind fishes species. Here you will forget of your time, since the beauty of the nature can’t be compare to anything.

There are two diving spots here that can be accesed. First one is in the northern of the rock, which the current is quite fierce. Here you can swim along with fishes like tuna, mackerels, trevallies, anthias, rainbow runners, clown fish and many more. While the southern of the rock have a less fierce current. It is easier to dive with rather large area, and protected from the strong current when the tides come.

Best Time to Visit Batu Bolong Reef

Since Batu Bolong Reef is a diving spot, therefore you need to calculate about when will be the best time to visit this place. Batu Bolong Reef is best to visit during March to December.

But from that range of time, i would like to suggest you in visiting this place during October. Since at this month the climate is sunny, calm, and cool. It will be a perfect to dive during this time. Entering the month of December the weather will be increasingly difficult to predict and likely will often rain during night. You will rarely find the fishes that surfaced.

But if you want to combine it with other activities such as visiting the Komodo dragon, July to September will be the best time. You can see the Komodo dragon entering their mating season. They will be easily to find.

How To Get Here

Batu Bolong Reef can be accesed through cruise or speedboat. You can take a sailing trip if you want to visit this place. The cruise or speedboat usually will sail from Labuan Bajo.

The package trip is usually called by Komodo Liveboard, you can choose one for many of operator that available in East Nusa Tenggara. You can either to pick the budget trip liveboard or luxury one, according to your needs. The less expensive one can be under USD 275 a day that can bring 15 – 18 guests, with 8 – 10 days of sailings.

The package trip will including food, room, board on trip, transportation, dive guides, tanks and weighs, and so forth. Aside from liveboards cruises, there is also a daily trip that usually available for you who’d like to take a budget trip. The daily trip available in two options, which are private trip and open trip. The private trip is suitable for you who went on a tour with a group (family, friends, and office).

The price will be available at Rp 750K per day, using a private ship (but with a record number of participants in accordance with the capacity of the ship). While the open trip is suitable for individual travellers, with the price available at Rp 600K per day. For a full day diving package will be charge for around Rp 1.600K/person.

Travel Tips

There are some travel tips that you need to know, before going to the Batu Bolong Reef :

  • Since the diving spot is not for a beginner level, we suggest you to at least achieve an advance level. The sea current and waves here is quite strong, even there is a spot that save enough for you to dive but we did not recommend a beginner to dive here.
  • It is better to join the sailing trip or take any diving package, especially if you have never experienced here.
  • Take a dive guide, and follow their instructions carefully. As mentioned before the sea current here is tricky even for an advanced level diver.
  • Prepare your stamina strenght, because it will definitely be needed.

Batu Bolong Reef is considered as one of the best diving site in the world. It will be a great experience for you to try once in your lifetime. But remember, safety first, so you need to prepare enough for your physic. And that’s what you need to know about Batu Bolong Reef. Grab your phone and book for a great trip now!

About Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute

Hi travelers, if we talk about tourist destination or spots to traveled is not just about natural tourism but also cultural tourism. We need to spend some of our time to learn more about the cultural heritage around. Since if we, did not want to know our true culture, then who else might be?
Cultural tourism is not yet as famous as natural tourism. People mostly would like to spend their vacation time in beach, mountain, waterfall, lake, and other natural attractions.

4 Things about Sumba Cultural Conservation 11
Source :

In Sumba there is another attractions that you might want to visit, namely Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute. It is a place for you to understand and learn more about any kind of information related to Sumba. Start from their culture, custom, museum, and lot of information about Sumba.

Here you can find several statues and artifacts. Another things that you might find in here is weaving textiles motives and patterns. Utensils that usually came along with cultural rites also available in here. Aside from that there are also wooden sculpture, jewelries that aged hundred of years, weapons, musical instruments of Sumba tribe and also photograph of Sumba culture and nature.

You will learn a lot about historical including mytical tale that existed in Sumba island here. Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is consisted of two big main houses and several small bungalow. Those bungalows are used for visitors and guests. Since this place also offered us lodging or homestay which is not too expensive. The lodging itself is quite large, clean, and well maintained. It is a good accomodation for backpackers and people who seeks for a nice and quite place to stay awhile in Sumba.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit this place like almost anytime. And the owner or the man behind the establishment of this place, priest Pater Robert said that the Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is available 24 hours.

But if you want to combine your visitation with other attractions in Sumba. Then it is best to visit here during March – October. The weather will be comfortable, warm, and bright. You can either visit beaches, lake, or cultural village that can be found in Sumba.

How to Get Here

And how to get here actually? Well, first you have to find the best way to reach Tambolaka, at the Western of Sumba. You can access this place through air. There are several airlines that serving this route, both from East Java or Central Java. And you can also take a flight from El Tari (Kupang). Airlines that available here like Garuda, Wings, Trans Nusa.

If you take a flight from East Java to Tambolaka (TMC) the average price might be Rp 500K – 700K. While if you want to take a flight from Central Java, it might cost you for about Rp 800K – 1.000K.

Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is not to far from the airport. You can either using public transportation or using taxi or taxibike to get here. You will need to ride for about 20 minutes before arrived at this place from the main airport at Tambaloka.

The average price for travel from the airport to the center of Tambolaka will be about Rp 50K/trip. While if you want rent a car it will be Rp 200K/trip. And if you want to rent it full day, you will be charge for Rp 500K. The price for taxibike is not expensive, since it is only charge you for Rp 50K/trip. Better to plan you most suited transportation before.

Travel Tips

Did you already prepared a nice vacation in Sumba travelers? If you decide to visit this place, we have some travel tips for you before visiting this amazing place :

  • You need to decide wether you want to stay in Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute or other lodging.
  • You need to consider that, even this place is not to far from the airport but it is a bit far from the nearest tourist object. So you need to consider of this matter if you want to stay here.
  • It is a place for whoever appreciating Sumba culture, and you must keep it in mind. You should enjoy the knowledge and historical about Sumba.
  • If you don’t have any intention on staying here and using taxi here than it is better to inform your driver to wait for about 30-45 minutes.
  • There is restaurant here so if you need meals, you will find it here.

It is a place where local needs to visit if the want to appreciate their history, culture, and the origin of our customs. Do not lose to foreign tourists, who do not even hesitate to come here far away to study while traveling. So don’t think to long, just go get your phone and book for a trip now!