Wonderful of Bena Traditional Village

Have you heard about Bena Traditional Village before? Well, even if you didn’t know this place yet, trust me, you will falling in love to this place after learn more about it.

Bena village is located in the district of Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara. The village is in top of the hill surrounded by the view of mount Inerie. Bena is one of megalithic village that existed in Indonesia, here you could find a lot of cultural heritage including the megalithic building. There are shrine, dolmen, or stone of monument that familiar in the era of megalithic which still existed in Bena traditional village. The government of Ngada district notes that Bena has been existed for about 1.200 years ago.

Travel Tips in Beautiful Bena Traditional Village 2
Source : bigstockphoto.com (Nick Kelder)

The houses (hut) in this village or rather community, extends into two rows, while in the center of the houses there are pairs of buildings. Those buildings are what so called Ngadhu and Bagha (pairs of shrine) which represent the clan of the village (representing the clan anchestor). Ngadhu is an anthromorphic pole embodying the male anchestor of the clan, it shape’s take the feature of umbrella but made of wood and leaves. The Bagha in contrary is a shrine dedicated to the female ancestors. It is like a small hut and so much resemble of the mini traditional house.

Bena traditional village were beautifully lies and surrounded by forest and view of mountain. It is really a place where you want to spend your time quitely and so natural.

Best Time to Visit

Did you already interested in coming here for your next trip? It won’t make you disappointed actually. If there is a question arised on when the best time to visit Bena traditional village, then the answer will be, you could visit this place anytime.

There is no significant time according to the season for visiting Bena, but it is best for you to came in dry season. You will find it hard to came in rainy season, since from the village is located almost 16 km from the region of Bajawa. While the road is not quite that easy to pass, there are lot of sharp bends and climbs.

During May to August will be the perfect time, if you want to save your money, you can avoid the high seasons. So, you could skip July or August in your list to travel.

How To Get Here?

Bena can be reach from Bajawa. But before arriving into this traditional village, you need to drive for about 7-8 hours from Labuan Bajo to Bajawa. Labuan Bajo will be the best option to reach Bajawa since you could get a travel package to cut the price.

The route you take will be Bali – Labuan Bajo – Bajawa – Bena village. From Bali to Labuan Bajo you could take a ferry with the cost approximately at Rp 185K – 800K from economy to first class seats. From Labuan Bajo to Bajawa you can take a rental car or by public transportation, and take a rental car or motorbike or taxibike to Bena.

If you have a spare for money or the weather is bad to take a ferry, you could take a flight to Labuan Bajo. And the route will be same as before. While if you reach it from Kupang (take a direct flight to Kupang airport) and continue to Bajawa both by taking flight (rarely available) or go take a travel car or bus. From Bajawa you can continue your trip using taxibike or motorbike. This also applied if you take route from Ende, there is also an infamous tourist destination here, Mount of Kelimutu.

Travel Tips

There are no such of homestay, hotel, hostel, or guest house in Bena traditional village or near here. Mostly visitor take a guest house or homestay in Bajawa. You can find any kind of home stay or small hotel here.

There are some tips that you need to prepare before visiting Bena traditional village :

  1. There are several guest house, homestay, or hotel in Bajawa with various of prices from Rp 150K – 450K and more.
  2. Bena traditional village only available from 8.00 am – 5 pm, so you need to carefully scheduling your visit.
  3. Bring enough cash along with you since you won’t find any ATM near here, you will need this cash to buy handicraft or weaving and pay some entrance fee. Foreign visition will be charge for Rp 25K and local visitor will be charge for Rp 20K.
  4. Since the weather in Bajawa is cold, i recommend you to bring sweater, jacket, long sleeve that warm and comfortable enough for you.
  5. Prepare a medicine, especially for you who have a motion sickness, you will need it somehow. Better to bring other medicine required to prevent yourself for troubling in finding medical clinics.

And that’s all you need to know about Bena Traditional Village, a nice place to feel the sensation of living in a stone age. Eventhough the place has been touch by some modern thing, but still it worth to visit.