Great things to do in Flores Island ~Islands is one of Indonesian tourism spots. There are thousands of islands in the country. You will not get bored or run out of the island’s name when you asked to mention it. One of the attentive drawer island is Flores Island. This island seems to be the next star that is getting attention from the local and foreign travelers.

Things to in Flores island

Flores is somehow to be known as the gateway to the Komodo Island, but really just stay there for a while and you will know the beauty of it. For you who want to know the interesting side of the island, here are some things to do in Flores Island you should try:


The first place you can visit is Labuan Bajo, the main harbor and airport on the island. It is known to be the biggest city in Flores, don’t expect it to be the real big city you will see in Bali. Here you will just see the chance to dive and enjoying the sunset.

Great things to do every day around 05.00 pm – 06.00 pm is sitting on the Amelia Sea and enjoying the sea view and waiting for the beautiful sunset. And it will be great if you also exploring the Caves at Batu Cermin while you are visiting Labuan Bajo.


The next place you should visit while in Flores Island is the Ruteng. You will find some local places that you may don’t find in any other place. But, you need to be very careful since some locals may follow you, it seems that the local men are still in awe whenever tourists visiting.

Great things to do in Ruteng is visiting the web rice fields located on the way to ruteng, you may visit here every day at any time. Moreover, you also need to visit the hobbit cave, where the remaining “hobbit” humans were found.


As the highlight of the Island, it is sure worth to visit this place. Bajawa is a town in central Flores that will give you a good vibe. Great things to in Baja are, you may want to feel the sensation of Soaking in the natural hot springs. You may better visit Bena Village that having a great view.

You may also explore the Ogi Waterfall that will give you a fresh vibe and if you feel like to climb, you may go hiking to Inerie or Wawo Muda Volcanoes. You may visits all those places every day from morning to afternoon.


You sure have been heard about the Kelimutu Volcano. This Volcano is having three crater lakes at the top that are different colors, some of the bright blue colors that are matte that it is made this volcano is popular. Sometimes one the water’s crater even changes to red depending on the oxygen levels. And this volcano is located in this town.

Great things to do in this town are to enjoying nature by visits the crater and enjoying the waterfall. You will enjoy this natural town from morning to night without any disruption from any modern thing such as Wi-Fi.


Located is the coast from Labuan Bajo, Kanawa Island is more like an underwater paradise for the one who likes to dive. Great things to do in this island are diving along the day as long as the sun is bright because you won’t see anything in a dark light.

But the water of the sea is clear, so you will be satisfied to see through the marine life such as turtles, rays, sharks and any other marine animals. If you need places for getting away from the crowded place, just come and stay in this place sometimes.


Tradition is one of the most attractions in tourism in Indonesia, including Flores Island.  Coming here without watching the Caci Dance will be a waste. So, make sure to see the attractions. Caci Dance is one of the dances of the indigenous people of West Flores known as the Manggarai people.

The dance is acted by two men by hitting each other with whips while dressed as animals. This dance is accompanied by drumbeat; even they hit each other it is not a serious fight. You may watch this, but this dance isn’t scheduled, so if you need to watch this, great things to do is by getting a guide.


If you really like hiking and climbing, you may want to visit the Love hill. This place is to sit outside the Labuan Bajo. In the afternoon, you may see the beautiful sunsets from the top of the hills.

Great things to do in this place are flocking the sunsets, see the tropical forests, picturesque hills, and also the azure waters of the Flores see from the top of the love hill. If you are in Labuan Bajo, coming to this place is a great idea.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Flores Island. For more information, you can learn more about Flores Island in this section.

The beauty of visiting Flores Island is Flores Island has a lot of destination to offer. For basic information, Flores Island is one of an island in Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Indonesia. Flores Island has  area over 13.000 square kilometers and also 8 regencies, such as: Manggarai Barat (West Manggarai), Manggarai Timur (East Manggarai), Manggarai Tengah (Central Manggarai), Ende, Sikka, Ngada, Nagekeo, and Flores Timur (East Flores). Flores Island is the gateway for travelers when traveling mainly to Komodo Island and Rinca Island.


Traveling is one of thing people should not miss it, including visit Flores Island. Travelling abroad should be planned in advanced to avoid unexpected occasion. But rest assured, this blog will tell you Flores Island Travel guide and tips. This will be a chance to save up money but you as travellers still can get the best experience!

What is Wae Rebo Village?

Flores Island has become a new beauty of tourism destination in Indonesia. It is yet raw and wonderful at the same time, a place where you can find peace by contemplate surrounding. One of which are Wae Rebo Village. A great destination for you to get away from the crowded city.

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The village is included as tourist village which is highly valued because it’s a cultural heritage. The ultimate point of Wae Rebo Village is it’s own existence, why? Since it’s almost impossible for a village rich with their heritage could exist in the hight mountains. Wae Rebo village indeed located in high mountain at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. The place is surrounded by  high mountain, your eyes will be spoiled by beautifull view of green forest and blue sky. Some said that if we set food on Wae Rebo village as if we reach the bottom of heaven itself.

This place is even more famous for its location which is isolated from the outside world. The traditional village is small yet very quite place since it is surrounded by the dense of Todo forest. Here you could find 7 traditional houses called Mbaru Niang, which are still well maintaned until now. There is no additional traditional houses are allowed to be built anymore.

The founder of this Wae Rebo village to be said as Empu Maro who came from Minangkabau, and the people live here now said to be his 18th generation descendants. What an amazing story of the traditional village Wae Rebo.

Best Time to Visit

What makes this village more appealing is because the uniqueness of the house. It rather conical and tall which made from lontar thatch. Since Wae Rebo is located in a high mountain and kind of remote area, you need to pick the nice season to be here.

It will be a waste of time to came in rainy seasons, so it must be perfect if you came in during the dry season from April to October. Prepare your time very well because the journey is not easy, and i recommend you to stay at least a day here. You will need that time for a bunch of photographing landscapes and other amazing things.

How to Get Here

Well, the public transportation to reach Wae Rebo village are not much. You can take either rental car, travel, or using a tour package will be much easier. First, you have to find a way to reach Labuan Bajo. There are two main ways, either fly directly to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta or transit from Jakarta to Denpasar and continue taking flight to Labuan Bajo. The second option might be cheaper for you.

From Labuan Bajo you need at least 8 – 11 hours to reach this village. There are also a flight from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng, before you continue the journey to Denge. Denge is the nearest village that could be reached by transportation. From Denge you should take a tracking route on walk for about 3 hours to reach the Wae Rebo village. If you dare enough, for a cheaper accomodation you can take a motorbike and drive along to reach Denge.

Travel Advices

To fully enjoy the beauty of Wae Rebo village, here are some short of advide for you travellers who would like to spend your time here.

  • Bring enough cash since the place is rather remote from any technology. You did not expect to find any ATM here, don’t you?
  • You will need the cash later on if you want to take bunch of photograph here in Wae Rebo village.
  • Prepare your physical health, since the journey is quite far and draining.
  • Don’t forget to bring your long sleeve shirt, trousers better to find a hiking pants along with sweater. The temperature will be quite windy and cold.
  • Don’t ever think about bringing your suitcase here, you don’t want to drag that through a forest, trust me. Better get your backpack enough to stored pack of clothes and other daily needs.
  • We suggested you to use a comfort shoes like sneakers or hiking shoes along with couple of socks.
  • Remember to dress modestly and decently.

Wae Rebo village is a place to be enjoyed with all the heart, do not bother yourself in finding phone signals or such. What you need to do here is just enjoy the beauty of cultural heritage and nature.

Mount Kelimutu

Welcome travelers, are you ready to grab your bags and book for a trip this month? Here we would like to recommend you about a wonderfull escape place from your daily routine. Spend your most precious time by visiting a nice and warm place. Mount Kelimutu, has long been infamous for it’s beauty. It is a volcanic mountain which located in Flores Island of East Nusa Tenggara,  Indonesia.

Ilustration of Mount Kelimutu

The destination is located in the village of Perno, Kelimutu, Ende Region. While the mountain has three lakes at it’s peak of crater, and very famous of it’s three colours. Yes, three colors lakes, that’s how people addressing these spot, since the lakes will emit three colors, which are white, blue, and red. There is a history behind it’s three colors that lived in a folklore. People said that the lakes is a destination for people who long gone or died. Each of it’s color represent those who died as following :

  • Blue (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai), is a place for young people who died.
  • Red (Tiwu Ata Polo), is a place for people who died and do evil through out their life.
  • White (Tiwu Ata Mbupu), is a place for old people who died.

The lake is wide enough and surrounded by hills prone to landslides. Yet it is still thrilling to tracking down the route to reach this place and worth to try.

Best Time to Visit

Well, travelers, you need to pay attention of picking your vacation time if you want to fully enjoyed Mount Kelimutu. Since there is a significant time, like during the dry season as the best time to visit this place. Here in Indonesia there are only two main seasons which are Wet seasons and Dry seasons. They will be sometimes unpredictable, especially during the Wet or Rainy seasons that could last longer than expected. The tracking route will quite dangerous of slippery and the scenery will be covered by rain or fog.

During the dry seasons the trakcing route will be perfect for you, it will be less slippery, rocks are more solid and not easy to slide down. You can pick around May to October as the dry season time, and i would like to recommend you for not booking time of July or August. Since these will be a peak time for holiday seasons in Indonesia.

How to Get Here?

Mount Kelimutu as mentioned before is located in the Eastern of Indonesia. You need series transportation to get here, especially if you are from abroad. Mostly people reach this place first by plane, and they will be arrived in H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport (Ende Airport). From Ende you could either taking public transportation or booking a rent car and take for about an hour to get to Maumere. You should reach a village of Moni, and later you could take a taxibike to get in Mount Kelimutu.

If you want to get a package trip, usually Mount Kelimutu or travelling to Ende is included with Labuan Bajo trip. Labuan Bajo is the main entrace of Flores Island, here you could choose either air or land travel to Ende. By air travel you can choose a flight from Komodo airport to Ende. Overland trips can be carried out using public transportation or rent car that will take more than 8 hours. It’s quite a long journey, so you have to prepare you physics if you don’t want to spoil your vacation time.

Travel Tips

You can always use some tips below, if you choose to visit Mount Kelimutu in the near future.

  • Prepare enough vitamin to support your body and avoid your stamina to be drained out.
  • Find comfortable clothes to be used during your visit here.
  • Don’t forget to bring a sweater, jacket or long sleeve shirts and gloves, enough to warm yourself. It will be quite windy, and cold sometimes especially at the peak of the mountain.
  • Prepare enough time to sleep or rest.
  • If you want to get as much destinations as possible, go book for a package trip. It will give you more options of tourism destination across Flores.
  • Bring enough cash since you might need some if you want to reach Mount Kelimutu, especially if you want to tracking down the Lake of Kelimutu.
  • You could either book a nice hotel at Moni or near the mount of Kelimutu. The price is not to expensive, around Rp 300K or about USD 25.

There is a small note for you before going to Mount Kelimutu, first you have to, no to be exact is must visit the lake of Kelimutu. Trust me, it will be worth to try. And as mentioned before, the sunrise is things that should not be missed at all in mount kelimutu.

And that’s what you have to know about mount kelimutu, remember to take your vacation here. Enjoy the beauty of mount kelimutu and book for reservation now!