Kalong Island (Flying Foxes Island) 1
Picture of Kalong Island (source : foursquare.com)

Kalong Island The Beauty of Wild Nature

East Nusa Tenggara is a fabulous destination for those who loves the beauty of nature, peace, and biodiversity. There are several destination here that can be choose to spend your holiday along with your family, relatives, or friends. You must ever heard about Komodo National Park which is very famous for its endemic animal, Komodo dragons. But, aside from Komodo National Park, here you can find another great destination who is famous of their wild life. Kalong (Flying Foxes) Island, it is how people here addresses this place.

The island is located in the District of Manggarai and part of group of islands that belong to Komodo National Park. As the name cited, Kalong Island is the place of thousands of flying foxes or big bats. At the daylight, the kalong will hanging in the trees, and you might see a magnificent view when the sunset came down. Thousands of flying foxes, with their great voices will covered up the sky.

Kalong island is quite small, which is overgrown with mangroves and not inhabited by humans. This island is playing a significant part to maintain the balance of nature especially for the sea with all the mangroves. Here you can also find beaches, but before stepping your foot in this beaches, better to prepare and warn yourself to be carefull, since the waves here is rather big. Along with the fact that there is no big pier here

Kalong island, is place where you can find the beauty and exostic of nature can be offered. It is a destination for you who loves adventure, and is a great checkpoint to visit aside from Komodo and Rinca islands.

Best Time to Visit Kalong Island

Kalong island is best to visit in evening or when the sunset came down, it is nice to visit this place around at 6 pm. You will be able to witness thousands of flying foxes, fly above and covering the dark orange sky in order to search for food.

Kalong island as mentioned before is uninhabited place, therefore avoiding rainy season is the best choice. Besides it is also inhabited by a python colony. If you dare to set foot here, it is better for you to be accompanied by tour guide.

If you want to spend sometimes here, you can came at noon. Take your time here with snorkling and diving while waiting for the evening to come. The coral reefs here is one of the beauty, raw, and exotic view. It is still very well preserved and natural, so there are many types of fish that you can find.

How to Get Here

The entrance to reach Kalong island is Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo you can rent a speedboat and take it for 30-50 minutes to reach this place. Trust me, that it will be a great and nice short trip.

There is also a sailing trip that available for you to take. The sailing trip price might be around Rp 1-2 million, and it will offered you an overnight stay in Kalong island. The trip will be start from Labuan Bajo and head to around the Komodo National Park. if you want to go around Lombok either, you need to spend for about Rp 3 million per trip.

Another route you might take to reach Kalong island is by Denpasar. From Denpasar you can take feri to cross to East Nusa Tenggara for about 4-5 hours. After that you can take public transportation to reach Labuan Bajo. And the route to Kalong Island will be the same as the first route.

Travel Advices

Since it is uninhabited island, there are several advices for you who would like have a vacation here :

  • Bring along enough warm clothes to be used here, since the weather is quite cold during night.
  • It is best to store your medicine, since you will find it hard to get medication during your visit to Kalong island.
  • If you want to go snorkling and diving too, it is better to prepare you outfit and any accessories needed.
  • There is no place to stay in Kalong Island so you need to book places in Labuan Bajo. There are several resort, homestay, or hotel around here. You can pick one with the most suited budget with you.
  • Do not forget to bring along your camera or phone to take a picture of the nature here.

Book for a flight and take a trip to this wonderful island is worth to put in your vacation list. Escape from you daily routine for a while, and be amazed of the stunning view from sky covering by thousands flying foxes.