About Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute

Hi travelers, if we talk about tourist destination or spots to traveled is not just about natural tourism but also cultural tourism. We need to spend some of our time to learn more about the cultural heritage around. Since if we, did not want to know our true culture, then who else might be?
Cultural tourism is not yet as famous as natural tourism. People mostly would like to spend their vacation time in beach, mountain, waterfall, lake, and other natural attractions.

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In Sumba there is another attractions that you might want to visit, namely Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute. It is a place for you to understand and learn more about any kind of information related to Sumba. Start from their culture, custom, museum, and lot of information about Sumba.

Here you can find several statues and artifacts. Another things that you might find in here is weaving textiles motives and patterns. Utensils that usually came along with cultural rites also available in here. Aside from that there are also wooden sculpture, jewelries that aged hundred of years, weapons, musical instruments of Sumba tribe and also photograph of Sumba culture and nature.

You will learn a lot about historical including mytical tale that existed in Sumba island here. Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is consisted of two big main houses and several small bungalow. Those bungalows are used for visitors and guests. Since this place also offered us lodging or homestay which is not too expensive. The lodging itself is quite large, clean, and well maintained. It is a good accomodation for backpackers and people who seeks for a nice and quite place to stay awhile in Sumba.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit this place like almost anytime. And the owner or the man behind the establishment of this place, priest Pater Robert said that the Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is available 24 hours.

But if you want to combine your visitation with other attractions in Sumba. Then it is best to visit here during March – October. The weather will be comfortable, warm, and bright. You can either visit beaches, lake, or cultural village that can be found in Sumba.

How to Get Here

And how to get here actually? Well, first you have to find the best way to reach Tambolaka, at the Western of Sumba. You can access this place through air. There are several airlines that serving this route, both from East Java or Central Java. And you can also take a flight from El Tari (Kupang). Airlines that available here like Garuda, Wings, Trans Nusa.

If you take a flight from East Java to Tambolaka (TMC) the average price might be Rp 500K – 700K. While if you want to take a flight from Central Java, it might cost you for about Rp 800K – 1.000K.

Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is not to far from the airport. You can either using public transportation or using taxi or taxibike to get here. You will need to ride for about 20 minutes before arrived at this place from the main airport at Tambaloka.

The average price for travel from the airport to the center of Tambolaka will be about Rp 50K/trip. While if you want rent a car it will be Rp 200K/trip. And if you want to rent it full day, you will be charge for Rp 500K. The price for taxibike is not expensive, since it is only charge you for Rp 50K/trip. Better to plan you most suited transportation before.

Travel Tips

Did you already prepared a nice vacation in Sumba travelers? If you decide to visit this place, we have some travel tips for you before visiting this amazing place :

  • You need to decide wether you want to stay in Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute or other lodging.
  • You need to consider that, even this place is not to far from the airport but it is a bit far from the nearest tourist object. So you need to consider of this matter if you want to stay here.
  • It is a place for whoever appreciating Sumba culture, and you must keep it in mind. You should enjoy the knowledge and historical about Sumba.
  • If you don’t have any intention on staying here and using taxi here than it is better to inform your driver to wait for about 30-45 minutes.
  • There is restaurant here so if you need meals, you will find it here.

It is a place where local needs to visit if the want to appreciate their history, culture, and the origin of our customs. Do not lose to foreign tourists, who do not even hesitate to come here far away to study while traveling. So don’t think to long, just go get your phone and book for a trip now!