Mount Kelimutu

Welcome travelers, are you ready to grab your bags and book for a trip this month? Here we would like to recommend you about a wonderfull escape place from your daily routine. Spend your most precious time by visiting a nice and warm place. Mount Kelimutu, has long been infamous for it’s beauty. It is a volcanic mountain which located in Flores Island of East Nusa Tenggara,  Indonesia.

Ilustration of Mount Kelimutu

The destination is located in the village of Perno, Kelimutu, Ende Region. While the mountain has three lakes at it’s peak of crater, and very famous of it’s three colours. Yes, three colors lakes, that’s how people addressing these spot, since the lakes will emit three colors, which are white, blue, and red. There is a history behind it’s three colors that lived in a folklore. People said that the lakes is a destination for people who long gone or died. Each of it’s color represent those who died as following :

  • Blue (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai), is a place for young people who died.
  • Red (Tiwu Ata Polo), is a place for people who died and do evil through out their life.
  • White (Tiwu Ata Mbupu), is a place for old people who died.

The lake is wide enough and surrounded by hills prone to landslides. Yet it is still thrilling to tracking down the route to reach this place and worth to try.

Best Time to Visit

Well, travelers, you need to pay attention of picking your vacation time if you want to fully enjoyed Mount Kelimutu. Since there is a significant time, like during the dry season as the best time to visit this place. Here in Indonesia there are only two main seasons which are Wet seasons and Dry seasons. They will be sometimes unpredictable, especially during the Wet or Rainy seasons that could last longer than expected. The tracking route will quite dangerous of slippery and the scenery will be covered by rain or fog.

During the dry seasons the trakcing route will be perfect for you, it will be less slippery, rocks are more solid and not easy to slide down. You can pick around May to October as the dry season time, and i would like to recommend you for not booking time of July or August. Since these will be a peak time for holiday seasons in Indonesia.

How to Get Here?

Mount Kelimutu as mentioned before is located in the Eastern of Indonesia. You need series transportation to get here, especially if you are from abroad. Mostly people reach this place first by plane, and they will be arrived in H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport (Ende Airport). From Ende you could either taking public transportation or booking a rent car and take for about an hour to get to Maumere. You should reach a village of Moni, and later you could take a taxibike to get in Mount Kelimutu.

If you want to get a package trip, usually Mount Kelimutu or travelling to Ende is included with Labuan Bajo trip. Labuan Bajo is the main entrace of Flores Island, here you could choose either air or land travel to Ende. By air travel you can choose a flight from Komodo airport to Ende. Overland trips can be carried out using public transportation or rent car that will take more than 8 hours. It’s quite a long journey, so you have to prepare you physics if you don’t want to spoil your vacation time.

Travel Tips

You can always use some tips below, if you choose to visit Mount Kelimutu in the near future.

  • Prepare enough vitamin to support your body and avoid your stamina to be drained out.
  • Find comfortable clothes to be used during your visit here.
  • Don’t forget to bring a sweater, jacket or long sleeve shirts and gloves, enough to warm yourself. It will be quite windy, and cold sometimes especially at the peak of the mountain.
  • Prepare enough time to sleep or rest.
  • If you want to get as much destinations as possible, go book for a package trip. It will give you more options of tourism destination across Flores.
  • Bring enough cash since you might need some if you want to reach Mount Kelimutu, especially if you want to tracking down the Lake of Kelimutu.
  • You could either book a nice hotel at Moni or near the mount of Kelimutu. The price is not to expensive, around Rp 300K or about USD 25.

There is a small note for you before going to Mount Kelimutu, first you have to, no to be exact is must visit the lake of Kelimutu. Trust me, it will be worth to try. And as mentioned before, the sunrise is things that should not be missed at all in mount kelimutu.

And that’s what you have to know about mount kelimutu, remember to take your vacation here. Enjoy the beauty of mount kelimutu and book for reservation now!