The beauty of visiting Rote Island, is the island offers rolling hills, terraced plantations, acacia palm, savanna and some forests. Rote Island got its name when Portuguese sailor arrived in the land and asked where he was to a farmer. The farmer was shocked and introduced himself, “Rote”

Rote Island Travel guide will help you how to spend your time and enjoy travelling there. Rote area is more than 14 square kilometers. It is located near 500 kilometres of Northwest Australian Coast. Rote Island guide and tips will be worth for a week staying there.

Best time to visit Rote Island

The highest travellers in Rote Island occurred from June to September. The weather during these months are not too hot, so travellers can enjoy hanging around Rote Island. But these months will be the busiest months and the prices of accommodations are likely expensive. If you want to avoid the over-budget, you can go to Rote Island in November. The month is likely to have the least expensive month in travelling time in Rote Island because of the warmest weather. Surfers who wants to surf in Rote Island also can enjoy the waves during March until November. So do not miss the chance!

How to get to Rote Island

Going to Rote Island by airplane is possible. Here’s Rote Island Travel Guide, take the flight from El Tari International Airport in Kupang and arrived to David Constantijn Saudale Airport. It operates daily and takes around 30 minutes flight by Wings Air, a subsidiaries of Lion Air Group. Else, take a ferry with slight cheaper. It takes to travel Rote Island around 2 hours.

How to get around Rote Island.

There are few public transportation in Rote Island. You can ride ojek (Motorcycle Taxi) or shared cars/van. The price starts from IDR 50K or 3 USD.

Rote Island travel tips for travellers, it is sometimes better to rent motorcycle or cars. It is a bit pricey, but it is still affordable by splitting bills with friends or group tours. The price starts

Cities Facilities

Rote Island is a great place for surfing, Nemberala is the famous area for surfing one. While Ba’a Area is the biggest city in Rote Island with some hostels or hotels as well. The room price starts from IDR 250K or 20 USD. You can find them on airbnb by referral, HostelWorld, or SkyScanner.

You can enjoy eating almost all areas. If you want to eat with cheaper price, eating street food can be considered. The price starts from 3 USD or IDR 30K. If you are not feeeling into street food, restaurants also serve locals food. Foods in the restaurants are a bit pricey, but the good thing is you do not have to go out.

Visit Rote Island means you also want to share you happened in this island immediately through social media. Internet access is possible. You can use Indonesian SIM Cards providers, such as Telkomsel, XL, 3, Indosat, XL Axiata. Be aware you might lose signal sometimes.

Rote Island Travel Tips and Advice

The main purposes of travelling to Rote Island is mostly to enjoy surfing. You will expect the perfect waves here with a clean sea water. You can also relax around the beach while drinking coconut drinks. Same as other island in Nusa Tenggara Timur, like Sumba Island or Flores Island, here’s Rote Island Travel tips and advice

Language in Rote Island

Locals in Rote Island speak Indonesian language. It is better to get an online dictionary or Google Translate Apps if you have a great signal on your smartphone. Else, you have to learn basic Indonesian for asking direction, buy several needs for your vacation.

Currency in Rote Island

Get money on your pocket since there might be no money changer offices or ATMs. Even worse, you will not find a destination which accepting Visa and Mastercard Cards. It is better to get cash while in Kupang, the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur. Better you can get cash while in Bali or Jakarta airport.

 Money saving tips

Rote Island travel guide and tips will help you as travellers how to save money while visiting Rote Island. These tips are effective and easy to do.

  • Staying in lowcost homestay. It might be not full of services, at least you can sleep comfortably, take a bath, put down your belongings on your room, and have breakfast. Because you will be in outdoor more often. Staying in pricey rooms are wasting money.
  • Do a group tour. You can do a 36 group tour. Then, you split bills which it is more convinient this way. Those can be splitting room bills, dinner bills, also rented cars.

Climate in Rote Island

Climate in Rote Island is mostly warm every month. Rainy season will be around December to February. The temperatures in Rote Island is rarely dropping from 23 degree Celsius, and the hottest temperatures is 33 degree Celsius.

Popular destination in Rote Island

More details on popular destination in Rote Island will be provided by scrolling the article. Mostly you can enjoy beaches in Rote Island. You can relax there, swimming, or even surfing. The waves are just perfect! Some places you guys should try while in Rote Island Travel Guide, such as Batu Termanu, Namberala Beach, Oesosole Beach, etc.

Do’s and don’ts when visiting Rote Island

Each country has its own rules and as travellers, you should try to obey them. It will just make your vacations more wonderful. Do take notes on do’s and don’t of Rote Island Travel Guide and Tips.

  • Do be polite to others. Locals will not create stereotypes on tourists if you are polite. You are nice to them, they will be more politer than you!
  • Do check out the culture. There might be what you do is still considered as taboo there.
  • Do not do drugs. Indonesia prohibits any drugs here. Please enjoy your travelling time without using drugs.
  • Do not ignorant.

Extra Preparation when visiting Rote Island

Extra preparation should be noted while in Rote Island. Here’s some stuffs you can bring as Rote Island Travel Guide and Tips:

  • Bring a pen.
  • Electrical converters or adaptors.
  • Portable Chargers.
  • Medicine.
  • Cash and debits/credits card.

Travel safety advice when visiting Rote Island

There are several things you should take note when visiting Rote Island, Indonesia:

  • Make copies of your important documents.
  • Make sure to keep your beloved people updated.
  • Do research where you are going.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

Things to do in Rote Island

There are several things to do in Rote Island. You can go to there in the morning at 7AM – 11AM. But some travellers might go there in the evening to enjoy the sunset. Here’s some things to do while in Rote Island Travel Guide and Tips.

Nemberala Beach

Nemberala Beach is one the best place to surf in Indonesia. Surfers around the world will come to Rote Island and enjoy the perfect waves here from June to October. It is located on southwest of Rote Island. Not only surfing, you can also enjoy the sunset here.

Bo’a Beach

Still one of the best place to surf in Indonesia, it is Bo’a Beach. This beach also has white sand with blue water. You can also try snorkelling in Ndana Island which really close to Bo’a Beach. Travellers can get to Bo’a Beach around one hour by riding a motorcycle.

Tunggaoen beach

Tunggaoen Beach is a great place to have a relax time while the sun set. This destination is pretty new in Rote Island. The journey might be a little bit challenging. It is a hidden beach which giving you a clear sea water with white sand. Totally worth it!

Oesosole Beach

One alternative beach that can be a destination for travellers visiting Rote Island is Oesosole Beach in East Rote District. You will see a big heart-shaped stone in Oesosole Beach. Pine trees and coconut trees that grow along the beach make the beach look cooler and more beautiful.

Mando’o Hill

Bukit Mando’o or Mando’o Hills is one of the interesting tourist destinations to visit on Rote Island. This hill is also known as Tangga 300 (300 stairs). Bring waters when climbing the stairs. After arriving at the top of hills, you will be awarded by the best scenery ever!

Batu Termanu

Batu Termanu is located in the east of Ba’a city, the capital city in Rote Island. If you ride motorcycle or a car from a harbour, you can go there around 30 minutes. The beach has corals that are naturally scratched by sea water.

Mulut Seribu

It is named as “Mulut Seribu” because this place has many cliffs and rocks forming a cave and looks to have many “mouths”. The small islands look like a labyrinth if you picture it from above. This area is very famous for seaweed cultivation. This tourist attraction is located within the Harlu Wildlife Reserve conservation area, so behave yourself while in Mulut Seribu.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Rote Island Travel Guide. Visiting Rote Island is more enjoyable now with Rote Island Guide and Tips. For more information you can learn more about Rote Island.