The beauty of visiting Sumba Island is the island has various places to visit. Sumba Island is located near Sumbawa Island. Sumba Island is more than 11.000 square kilometres which providing a lot of destinations. It has four regencies or areas that ready to be explored, such as Sumba Barat, Sumba Timur, Sumba Tengah, and Sumba Barat Daya. Travellers might check this one as an option.

Sumba Island Travel Guide and Tips will help all travellers to prepare what, when, how, where, or all things you guys need to know!

Best time to visit Sumba Island

Visit Sumba Island can be depended on what you are looking for in Sumba Island. Sumba Island has only two season, Dry season and wet season. Sumba Island has Savanna, one of the great landscape you want to see while travelling in Sumba Island.

You as traveller can go in June to August since it is still dry season yet the heat of sun is not too strong. Savanna in Sumba Island will likely turn into yellowish trees. Else, you can go there in wet season from November to December. You can get savanna turn into green landscape with trees full of leafs.

How to get to Sumba Island

There are several ways to get to Sumba Island. When you have arrived in Indonesia. Travellers mostly arrived in Jakarta or Bali. But if you are taking on airplane in Jakarta, you will have to transit in Bali to continue the journey. You can go to Sumba Island from Bali which taking time around 60 – 80 minutes depends on which Airplane service you take. The nearest airport to get to Sumba Island is Tambolaka Airport or Umbu Mehang Airport. Tambolaka Airport is located in the East Sumbe, while the other one is located in Northwest Sumba. Choose one of them depends on which regencies you will visit!

Hanging out around Sumba Island

Hanging around Sumba Island is kind of challenging. There is bus transportation will drive you to other cities, the price is also cheap. The challenge is the service might be limited to 2-3 times per day to each destination cities. Make sure you note the schedule if you do not want to miss it.

If you do not like waiting the bus or afraid missing the bus, renting cars or motorcycle will be the answer. You may need a driver so you will not get lost in your journey. The price for renting motorcycle starts from Rp 100.000 or around 10 USD per day. Else you are hanging around with a group, then renting cars is the best for. The prices start from Rp 750.000,00 per day or around 60 USD per day.

A Place to Stay

Staying in Sumba Island is easy. The price is still affordable, also you can choose what kind of place you want to stay. Hostel, homestay, guest house, or even hotel that can provide you full services. The price range between Rp 150.000 to Rp 3.500.000. Take notice! It depends when you visit Sumba Island. Less tourists or not the tourists season mean the cheaper price you get.

A place to eat

Travellers do not have to worry about what to eat. Sumba Island has a lot of food to offer so you can fullfill your empty stomach. The most common place to eat while travel Sumba Island is the restaurant in hostel or hotel. Hotel mostly provides local food which can not be missed. Local foods are reccommended while visiting Sumba Island. Try eating Manu Patauni a chichken with coconut milk sauce, or seafood!

SIM Cards Providers

Indonesian has a lot of SIM Cards providers, such as Telkomsel, Axis, XL, Indosat Ooredoo, and 3. You can choose one of them which the best for your budget. Please be aware, phone signal each provider might be different. There is time when Telkomsel in destionation A does not have good signal, but when you go to other destinations, the signal will comeback at full bar. Sometimes, switching the SIM Cards is also an option.

Sumba Island Travel Tips and Advice

Visit Sumba Island has been never enough. It has so many to offer. Sumba Island is known for the greatest savannas in Indonesia. You can visit them while travelling to Sumba Island. Not only its savanna or nature destination, but also its culture. Travel tips and advice will give so much advantages for all travellers. It may save money and help you guys to get best experience travelling Sumba Island!

Language in Sumba Island

Do not worry about language in Sumba Island. Most citizens can speak Indonesian even-though they might speak local language all the time. They only speak local language peer to peer. Some people in Sumba Island might know basic English. Travellers can ask them first whether they spea English. Else, you ask them in Indonesian language.

Google Translate sometimes a great alternative. But you need some internet to do that. It will be troublesome if you are is still in a place with low signal. So, it is better for you to learn basic Indonesian to get more experience with local citizens.

 Currency in Sumba Island

Sumba Island mostly accepts money in rupiahs (IDR). Big places usually accepts Visa and Mastercard. Get enough cash to avoid short in budget while buying souvenirs. You can visit ATMs around the big cities or district capitals in Sumba Island to get more cash!

 Money saving tips

You may take notes now because money saving tips is important. If you want to backpackers, then there are several ways to save money during visiting Sumba Island.

  • Learn basic Indonesian language. You will have the chance to bargain the costs!
  • Travel in a group. A group of 3-4 people will be enough to split costs in staying a place or when you guys want to rent cars.
  • Stay in low-cost homestay. The facilities might not be the same as hotels, but at least you get to have a decent room to sleep, to take bath, and get small breakfast.

 Climate in Sumba Island

Sumba Island has only two season, dry season and wet season. Also, Sumba Island is pretty warm and the weather might be similir to Flores Island. Dry season in Sumba Island starts later, around June to Oktober. Then, wet season starts from December to March. The temperatures overall in dry season  are around 33-36 °C maximum with 21-24 °C minimum.

Popular destination in Sumba Island

This blog will give you Sumba travel guide and tips including places to visit. As mentioned before, Sumba Island has 4 regencies and each regency has its own destionations. Northwest Sumba has Tanggedu Waterfall. Central Sumba has Lapopu Waterfall. East Sumba has Weekuri Lagoon and Mandorak Beach. West Sumba has Air Terjun Matangyu, Marosi Beach, Kampung Prai Ijing, and Kampung Tarung. More details, you can scroll this information below.

 Do’s and dont’s when visiting Sumba Island

Visiting Sumba Island means you as travellers will follow its rules. You need to take notes what you should do or avoid when you visit Sumba Island!

Do: Always ask. When you are visiting Sumba Island, some places including villages have some pamali or taboo. So, make sure what you are doing is not violating the places’ belief.

Don’t: Do not disturb any prayers or tradition. Some locals allows travellers to see the rituals, prayers, or tradition as long as you behave and not create attention.

What you should bring when visiting Sumba Island

Travellers will always bring belongings. You do not need to freak out what you should bring. Sumba Island is known for the best surfing place. Sumba Island travel guide for you is you can both bring your own swimsuit to enjoy the beach and sunblock. Importantly, you should bring enough cash!

Travel safety advice when visiting Sumba Island

There will be a lot of things about to happen while visiting Sumba Island, whether it is good or bad. You need extra preparation when travelling to Sumba Island. The worst case, you may have motion sickness during the journey or on the boat, it will totally ruin the mood. Sumba Island travel guide for you is to bring your own first aid kit, including your own medicine. It will save so much time then buying the medicine after arriving in Sumba Island.

Things to do in Sumba Island

This article will help and give you as travellers where to visit in Sumba Island. If you are in a short time for vacation, 5-7 days in travel Sumba Island might be enough. Here’s great things to do in Sumba Island!

Waimarang Waterfalls

Going to Waimarang Waterfalls only takes 2-3 hours drive from East Sumba Airport, Tambolaka. You need to park your vehicle and continue the journey by walking to Waimarang Waterfalls. Should you wear your swimsuit before getting to there, because there is no room to change clothes. Also, put on shoes or non-slippery sandal.

Enjoy seafood or Bokosawu Nyale

You are not having fun in Sumba Island if you have not tried to eat local food. Sumba Island has a lot of delicious seafood and you can have them around Waingapu’s seaport. Bokosawu Nyale is also reccommended for tourists! It is a traditional food also it is famous there. It is made of seaworms. Take the challenge!

PraIjing Village

Enjoy the traditional feelings around Praijing Village. It is one of the megalithic village in Indonesia. You can explore the traditional house which different of what you have been seing generally. The best time to visit Praijing Village is in the morning.

Undulating Wairinding

Undulating Wairinding or you can call it as Wairing hills. It is located around one hour drive from Waingapu. It has greenish view during wet season, and brownish view during dry season. You can also enjoy sunset here.

Mandorak Beach

Mandorak Beach is next to Weekuri Lagoon. In here, the water is a shade of turqoise with white sand. The beach is clean and it is not really crowded.

Weekuri Lagoon

Weekuri Lagoon offers you a great place to explore. You can relax yourself while seing the beach and sky around there. There are also some stalls where you can buy food and drinks.

Lembaga Studi & Pelestarian Budaya Sumba

Get yourself more into Sumba culture. There is a museum here where the heritage items are kept.

Souvenirs Shop

Do not forget to buy souvenirs as gifts for beloved people around you. You can buy souvenirs while heading back to the airport. Souvenirs Shop usually sell local snacks, coffees, accessories and even a tenun ikat along with a ready-to-wear ikat fashion.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Sumba Island.

Visiting Sumba Island is a lot easier after reading Sumba Island travel guide and tips. For more information you can learn more about Sumba Island