The beauty of visiting Timor Island is having millions of amazing charms of natural gems. Timor Island is one of the regions in Indonesia and Kupang as the capital city. The island known to have hot weather because it is located in tropical area.

Timor Island Travel guide travellers what is needed while visiting Timor Island. It is necessary since all travellers need to prepare everything and wish they get the best experience while in Timor Island.

Best Time to visit Timor Island

Planning to stay on vacation in Timor Island? Here some Timor Island travel guide and tips to choose the best time to visit Timor Island, Indonesia. The weather in Timor Island is warm all the year since it has two seasons only, dry season and wet season.

  • The busiest month is between June and September, with the busiest is on August. The weather is warm and the sky is clear.
  • The least tourists is between October and November. The price on accommodation is rarely high, but the temperatures tend to be hot.

How to get to Timor Island

Going to Timor Island is not really tough one. There are many direct and indirect flights to Timor Island every day. Timor Island travel guide and tips if you want to choose direct flight, you can choose one for example, I Gusti Ngurai Rai Airport (Bali) and you will fly to El Tari International Airport in Kupang. The journey takes almost 2 hours.

How to get around Timor Island

It is really easy while hanging around in Timor Island, since in this island has Kupang as the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur. Timor Island has buses which drive you to cities to cities, also other public transportation. Timor Island travel guide travellers to be often asking about public transport schedules. If you do not like to wait or miss the schedule, the better option is to rent cars travelling to Timor Island.

Cities Facilities

Staying in Timor Island is really cheap. Timor Island travel guide and tips, you should choose to stay in hostels if you are on budget and try saving money. The room prices per night is vary, starts from IDR 150K or around 13 USD. You can get more discounts by booking through referral. Travellers usually use popular website like airbnb, Traveloka,, etc.

Eating food? Do not worry! Having breakfast or dinner in Timor Island, is super easy and comfortable. You can find stalls or street food around Kupang or other cities. The range price of Timor food starts from IDR 20K or around 2 USD.

Want to share all your jouney on social media? Then you should have internet on you. You can buy Indonesian SIM Cards. The providers are Telkomsel, XL, Indosat Ooredoo, 3. The SIM Cards are usually active till 30 days and you can buy it around IDR 75K or 20 USD.

Timor Island Travel Tips and Advice

Timor Island consists of two countries, Indonesia and Timor Lester. While visiting Timor Island, might consider going to neighbor country. Going to Timor Leste, you will visit a place called Atambua, which one of a border line of Indonesia and Timor Lester. You can expect a great destination there. Timor Island travel guide you can expect nature destinations like Cinta hills or waterfall while in Timor Island, Indonesia.

Language in Timor Island

Most of Timor people can speak Indonesian language as it is the official language in Indonesia. But as travellers, it will be hard for you because not all citizens there can speak English. It is better to learn basic Indonesian language for asking direction, simple bargaining. Another Timor Island travel guide and tips, you can use online translator apps if you have internet and good signal.

Currency in Timor Island

Indonesian rupiahs (IDR) is mainly used in Timor Island Indonesia. It is used in tourist attractions, restaurants, souvenirs shop, etc. If you want to get more cash, you can stop by in Kupang, the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Timur province. There are several ATMs or Banks which help you to get more cash before continuing your journey.

Money saving tips

Timor Island Travel Guide and Tips are not completed if money saving tips is not included. All travellers always try to limit their budgets. So here several tips for saving money in Timor Island, Indonesia:

  • Find the cheapest Try avoiding to fly in the busiest month while travelling to Timor Island. You as travellers can compare every flight online by SkyScanner.
  • Pick the right accommodation. If you are on budget, hostel should be enough for you. The room price usually starts form Rp 150K or around 13 USD. You can try to book directly at the hostel since there will be no third-party. Also try to find a hostel providing you breakfast.
  • Check the right tourist attraction. The right attraction means finding a location with no entrace fees for example. Some destinations are still no entrance fees or at least try finding the cheap one.
  • Do a group tour. You can split bills over accommodation and transportation.

Climate in Timor Island

Climate in Timor Island almost the same with all islands in Nusa Tenggara Timur such as Sumba Island, Flores Island, or Rote Island . The average temperatures in Timor Island, Indonesia is range between 22 ºC and 31 ºC. Also, Timor Island has a tropical climate similar to Timor Lester since they are in the same mainland.

Popular destination in Timor Island

Timor Island has a lot to offer. Kupang as the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Timur, has beautiful beaches close to it. Other cities also have the similar feels by offering waterfall, hills, etc. You can not miss the beautifulness of Tablolong Beach. You can read popular destination by reading through the entire page.

Do’s and donts when visiting Timor Island

Each country or in this case, Timor Island, has its own culture. But as travellers you should not be worry about that. Here some do’s and don’ts while visiting Timor Island. You can adopt it to get more fun travelling to Timor Island

  • Do smile and polite! Almost all people will smile back at you when smiling. Somehow, local people will think you are a great traveller and means no harm to them.

  • Lean Basic Indonesian Language. Learning languages while in a country you visit is really useful. At least, you can bargain the price while buying souvenirs at locals.

  • Do check out its culture. There might be slightly different culture. Make sure you do not cross the line.

  • Do not do drugs. Drugs are illegal in Indonesia. You can enjoy traveling to Timor Island, Indonesia without drugs and creating problems at other country.

  • Do not disturb spiritual ceremony. The ceremony includes religion or tradition all over Timor Island. You are considered as rude by disturbing or creating a scene there.

Extra Preparation when visiting Timor Island

Extra preparation is needed. You will not enjoy your vacation when you forget to bring certain things, right? Here some stuff you can bring while visiting Flores Island:

  • Bring stationary. You might need to fill some documents on hostels, immigration gate, or other places.
  • Universal Adaptors. Every country has different electrical adaptors. You might need it to charge your phones or camera.
  • Cash and Debit / Credit Card. You might want to take more cash going to other cities which do not have ATMs there. So you need to go to money changer or nearby ATMs and banks to get more cash.

Travel safety advice when visiting Timor Island

While visiting Timor Island, you should take notes some advice you can adopt:

  • Do reseach on each destination. Some places might be not for children because the place (for example) slippery or the water is deep, etc.

  • Bring own medicine. There might be difficult to find some medicine you are looking for. Better prepare than regret later

  • Keep your family or beloved on updated.

Things to do in Timor Island

Timor Island travel guide you the place to visit in Timor Island, Indonesia. Some places are still pretty new and amazing. You can go there in the morning, while some of them can be enjoyed while waiting the sun set. Check it out!

Tablolong Beach

Tablolong Beach is located about 30 km from downtown Kupang. The beach is full of soft white sand with calm and clear waters. Entrance Fees in only around IDR 2000 – 5000 or 0.4 USD.


Atambua is located in the middle of the island of Timor which is divided as a border line between Indonesia and Timor Leste. To get to the border of these two countries, travellers can make an exciting overland trip as far as 274 km. Upon arrival at Atambua, you still have to drive another 20 km to get to the Border Post. During the journey to Atambua, you will be entertained by beautiful white sandy beaches.


Fatumnasi is located on the slopes of Mount Mutis (2,427 m dpal), the highest mountain on Timor Island. The expanse of grassland lining the hills with livestock playing happily becomes a soul-soothing panorama

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is located close enough to Kupang, only about 45 minutes driving, The cave is really beautiful, and you can also swim there with its clear water. Entrance fee is affordable by paying only IDR 5K per person. It is not suitable for underage children because the entrance is slippery. In addition the water inside the cave is deep it can be very dangerous for children, and the cave is dark.

Bukit Cinta

Bukit Cinta is hills located located on the border of Kupang City and Kupang Regency, precisely in the area of East Penfui Village. Bukit Cinta often used as a jogging track for those who want to relax in the morning or evening and to enjoy sunset.

Tesbatan Waterfalls

Tesbatan Waterfall is in Amarasi District, Kupang Regency. It is located approximately 50 km, driving to Tesbatan Waterfall needs 1.5 drive. The waterfall has 3 levels there. If you are going to Tesbatann, it is recommended to use a private vihacle since it is located quite hiddent from public roads.

Lasiana Beach

Lasiana Beach is located approximately 12 km from Kupang. The beach attraction offers an amazing view for the eyes because of white sand and its crystal clear blue sea water. Travellers can do anything here from swimming, fishing, playing soccer, or just lying down around the beach. The beach has entrance fee approximately IDR 5K or 0.4 USD and it opens almost every day.

Oenesu Waterfall

Oenesu Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall. It is located not far from Kupang about an hour drive. Getting to Oenesu Waterfall is quite easy. There is a parking lot and travellers can go to the waterfall by walking the stairs.

Kolbano Beach

Kolbano Beach is located around 3 hours from Kupang city. The beach is very calm, with its clean and clear blue ocean. If you want to get a good view of Kolbano Beach, you can climb up to a big stone around Kolbano Beach.

That’s everything you need to know before visiting Timor Island. Visiting Timor Island is more enjoyable by following Timor Island travel guide and tips. For more information you can learn more about Timor Island by reading other articles from this website