Nihiwatu Beach of Sumba

Sumba is not yet as famous as Bali. But, Sumba is like a gem, it has so many beauty of natural tourism object, especially for it’s beach. The island is part of East Nusa Tenggara. You can also find another tourist attraction in Sumba, such as lake, traditional village, waterfall, and of course their savanna.

The Amazing of Nihiwatu Beach 1

Even the name of Nihiwatu beach is not too famous compared to the beach of Kuta, Bali, but you need to know that this beach has been choosen as the 17th most beautiful beach in the world. Amazing was it? The lack of information is maybe the main cause of why Nihiwatu beach has not yet been famous like Kuta in Bali.

Nihiwatu beach is located in the west of Sumba. And you need an effort to reach this beach. It is as much far as 30 Km from the city of Waikabubak. Nihiwatu, though for domestic people is not famous enough, but has been the destination for surfer all across the world. This beach also known from it’s title as ‘Left God Wave’. The name itself represent how the wave in Nihiwatu be a valuable gifts for surfers. They eager to seek and trying to overcome the wave of Nihiwatu beach.

But, to be honest Nihiwatu is rather a private beach, and not available for any persons. Since Nihiwatu beach has been managed by international resort called as Nihiwatu’s resort. You can only enjoy this beach as long as you booked a resort here, or be the guest in this luxurious resort. Well, there must be a price for something valuable right? This place is like a sanctuary for whoever seek for peace, quite, amazing view and away from the city crowd.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to spend your time surfing here, or enjoying the nice and comfy weather. We would like to suggest you visit Nihiwatu beach during dry season from April to October. The waves would be nice around September to October. During the dry season, the sky will be quite clear, and you will be able to enjoy sunset, sunrise, and treasuring the star at the night sky.

Isn’t it the best time also to surf during a sunny day rather than a cloudy one?

How to Get Here

Well, as mentioned before that you need to be guest in Nihiwatu beach before coming to this place. You can reach this place by several ways, but the most common choice is using an airplane.

For an internasional flight, you can transit to Denpasar, Bali (Ngurah Rai) and continue to Tambolaka airport. There are 3 main airlines that serving this route like Garuda, Wings, and Trans Nusa. From the Tambolaka airport you can continue your trip by renting a car that will take time in around 3-4 hours to Nihiwatu Beach. The cost to rent a car approximately at Rp 300K-400K.

If you want to try another option you can also take a flight from Kupang (El Tari) airport to Tambolaka or to Umbu Mehang Kunda, Waingapu, East Sumba. And rent a car from here to Nihiwatu beach, it will cost you for about Rp 400K-700K.

There are another way to reach Nihiwatu, which are by land or sea. This will be very draining but saves costs a bit. The route will be from East Java – Banyuwangi (Ketapang port) – Bali (Gilimanuk port) – Bali (Padang Bay) – Lembar (Lombok) – Khayangan (Lombok) – Poto Tano (Sumbawa) – Sape (Bima) –  Waikelo (West Sumba) and the route will be the same as previous to Nihiwatu beach.

Well, it depends on which way you want to choose. Each of it will give you a better things, and has strengths and weaknesses itself.

Travel Advices

Well since in Nihiwatu beach only have one resort, or actually managed by a resort. There are no much left for you to choose a lodging. You can choose the bungalow according to your budget. It is quite expensive, but trust me, it serve you with a world class facility and services. Here are some travel advices before you visit Nihiwatu Beach :

  • Consider about the exclusivity of this place, you have to make a reservation before coming here.
  • Prepare for your transportation before you visit this place, right from the start.
  • You need to consider about your budget since if not mistaken the resort must be booked for at least 5 days.
  • Prepare your luggage and adjust it to your needs.
  • Nihiwatu might be close during Janurari to February, since the intensity of rain is usually high during this months.
  • There are so many activities you could do in here, so prepare for your stamina and physical healt.

Well, even the price to visit Nihiwatu is expensive, but it will give a worthy reward for your vacation there. World has acknowledge for the beauty of Nihiwatu, it is worth to visit even for once.

A Wonderful Oetune Beach 2
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About Oetune Beach

Oetune beach, have you heard it before? It is a wonderful place where you can spend some time to relax and take a bunch of photograph for your instagram. This lovable beach is unique yet attractive at the same time.

Oetune beach located in Oebelo, South Amanuban, Timor Tengah Selatan regency, East of Nusa Tenggara. This beach is different from any other beaches in Indonesia. Here you can find a mix of blue sea water, nice beach sands, and what the most amazing things is the very existence of a desert. Yup, a desert within a beach is existed here in Oetune beach. The desert expanse is about 100 square meters.

It is as if you are in the middle of the desert in Middle East country. Near the desert you can find typical beach plants include palm leaves. Lontar palms lined up looking around the beach, and people usually sold for the fruit. You can taste this fresh fruit at the price of Rp 3K – 5K/piece. Along with lontar palm trees, you can also find Kasuari trees here.

The unique landscape of Oetune beach often used by a lot of people for a photograph session. Including pre wedding session, or others. Aside from that you can also enjoy the beautiful of the beach and sea breeze in a gazebo like called lopo. Unlike the lopo in Kalbano beach, here you can find plenty of it. The government has been developed this beach, by giving enough facilities.

And in addition to that, you can see a white sandy beach that overlooks the borders of Australia. It is an attractive view for mos t of the tourists. If you want to visit this beach, consider that it will be too crowd during weekends.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Oetune beach is during dry season from April to October. Avoid Januari to Februari since it might be quite heavy rain during these months. And in addition that you might find a huge crowd during this months.

So if you want to spend a nice, comfy, peace, and quite atmosphere go find another months to visit this place. And if you want not to many people here during your visit, you’d better to pick weekdays.

If the weather is nice and bright, you will be able to see a magnificent scenery of blue water and white sky, along with white sand and the green of lontar palms and Kasuari trees.

How to Get Here

To visit Oetune beach you need at least 2 – 3 hours of driving. The road access to this beach is smooth, you will pass the southern crossing line. The road is a bit winding and up and down. And you might want to take your medicine along.

The distance between the beach of Oetune with the city of Kupang is about 135 KM. All across the road you will find a nice view like hills, and typical Timor houses. You won’t get bored since it will pleased your eyes. Right before reaching this place you will find a crossing path that if you take straight ahead, you will reach Kolbano beach.

Travel Guides

There are some travel guides that you need to know before visiting Oetune beach. It will make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.

  • Don’t forget to bring enough cash since you will needed som here. For the entrance tickets you will not be charge, but you have to pay for parking fees for about Rp 1K-3K.
  • You can use some cash to buy lontar fruit from the kids around the beach or if you want to use .
  • The facility here is quite complete, but you need to bring your own needs like shampoo, towel, and soap if you decide to swim here.
  • To make your vacation smoother, you need to book a rental car from Kupang to Oetune beach.
  • Remember to bring along your phone or camera to take a bunch of photograph here. This place is what people said as instagramable places.
  • It is important for you to bring along enough food or meal since the small shop near here only sell snacks.
  • For the accomodation like hotel or lodging, we recommend you to pick a hotel in Kupang. Since it is not to far from the beach. You can find a lot of options here rather than staying near Oetune.

Now that’s all about the information you need to now before visiting Oetune beach in Kupan. Remember that wherever you decide to go during your vacation, keep it in mind to always protect the nature. Don’t leave any trash especially in this lovable beach. Enjoy your time!

Amazing Facts of Batu Bolong Reef 3

The Batu Bolong Reef

Hi travelers, do you like to dive or snorkeling? Do you wonder, where is the place or best spot to enjoy diving and snorkeling that will give you a best impression? There is one diving spot for you to try, which located in the East Nusa Tenggara. This place is part of the Komodo National Park. Have you heard about Batu Bolong Reef before?

Batu Bolong or hollow rock, is a place as cited in it’s name. Located in the northern of Komodo island, is a rock pinnacle that lies in 75 metres of water. It is situated between Tatawa Island to the east and Komodo main island to the west. The dives site is one of the signature place to be recommended by people here. You will find tons of beautiful fish and coral reefs here. A trus gem for people who like dive.

The one that can be compared to Batu Bolong Reef is a diving site in Raja Ampat. The coral reefs is very tight, colourful, and still well preserved. It is one of the best spot to find many kind fishes species. Here you will forget of your time, since the beauty of the nature can’t be compare to anything.

There are two diving spots here that can be accesed. First one is in the northern of the rock, which the current is quite fierce. Here you can swim along with fishes like tuna, mackerels, trevallies, anthias, rainbow runners, clown fish and many more. While the southern of the rock have a less fierce current. It is easier to dive with rather large area, and protected from the strong current when the tides come.

Best Time to Visit Batu Bolong Reef

Since Batu Bolong Reef is a diving spot, therefore you need to calculate about when will be the best time to visit this place. Batu Bolong Reef is best to visit during March to December.

But from that range of time, i would like to suggest you in visiting this place during October. Since at this month the climate is sunny, calm, and cool. It will be a perfect to dive during this time. Entering the month of December the weather will be increasingly difficult to predict and likely will often rain during night. You will rarely find the fishes that surfaced.

But if you want to combine it with other activities such as visiting the Komodo dragon, July to September will be the best time. You can see the Komodo dragon entering their mating season. They will be easily to find.

How To Get Here

Batu Bolong Reef can be accesed through cruise or speedboat. You can take a sailing trip if you want to visit this place. The cruise or speedboat usually will sail from Labuan Bajo.

The package trip is usually called by Komodo Liveboard, you can choose one for many of operator that available in East Nusa Tenggara. You can either to pick the budget trip liveboard or luxury one, according to your needs. The less expensive one can be under USD 275 a day that can bring 15 – 18 guests, with 8 – 10 days of sailings.

The package trip will including food, room, board on trip, transportation, dive guides, tanks and weighs, and so forth. Aside from liveboards cruises, there is also a daily trip that usually available for you who’d like to take a budget trip. The daily trip available in two options, which are private trip and open trip. The private trip is suitable for you who went on a tour with a group (family, friends, and office).

The price will be available at Rp 750K per day, using a private ship (but with a record number of participants in accordance with the capacity of the ship). While the open trip is suitable for individual travellers, with the price available at Rp 600K per day. For a full day diving package will be charge for around Rp 1.600K/person.

Travel Tips

There are some travel tips that you need to know, before going to the Batu Bolong Reef :

  • Since the diving spot is not for a beginner level, we suggest you to at least achieve an advance level. The sea current and waves here is quite strong, even there is a spot that save enough for you to dive but we did not recommend a beginner to dive here.
  • It is better to join the sailing trip or take any diving package, especially if you have never experienced here.
  • Take a dive guide, and follow their instructions carefully. As mentioned before the sea current here is tricky even for an advanced level diver.
  • Prepare your stamina strenght, because it will definitely be needed.

Batu Bolong Reef is considered as one of the best diving site in the world. It will be a great experience for you to try once in your lifetime. But remember, safety first, so you need to prepare enough for your physic. And that’s what you need to know about Batu Bolong Reef. Grab your phone and book for a great trip now!

About Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute

Hi travelers, if we talk about tourist destination or spots to traveled is not just about natural tourism but also cultural tourism. We need to spend some of our time to learn more about the cultural heritage around. Since if we, did not want to know our true culture, then who else might be?
Cultural tourism is not yet as famous as natural tourism. People mostly would like to spend their vacation time in beach, mountain, waterfall, lake, and other natural attractions.

4 Things about Sumba Cultural Conservation 4
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In Sumba there is another attractions that you might want to visit, namely Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute. It is a place for you to understand and learn more about any kind of information related to Sumba. Start from their culture, custom, museum, and lot of information about Sumba.

Here you can find several statues and artifacts. Another things that you might find in here is weaving textiles motives and patterns. Utensils that usually came along with cultural rites also available in here. Aside from that there are also wooden sculpture, jewelries that aged hundred of years, weapons, musical instruments of Sumba tribe and also photograph of Sumba culture and nature.

You will learn a lot about historical including mytical tale that existed in Sumba island here. Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is consisted of two big main houses and several small bungalow. Those bungalows are used for visitors and guests. Since this place also offered us lodging or homestay which is not too expensive. The lodging itself is quite large, clean, and well maintained. It is a good accomodation for backpackers and people who seeks for a nice and quite place to stay awhile in Sumba.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit this place like almost anytime. And the owner or the man behind the establishment of this place, priest Pater Robert said that the Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is available 24 hours.

But if you want to combine your visitation with other attractions in Sumba. Then it is best to visit here during March – October. The weather will be comfortable, warm, and bright. You can either visit beaches, lake, or cultural village that can be found in Sumba.

How to Get Here

And how to get here actually? Well, first you have to find the best way to reach Tambolaka, at the Western of Sumba. You can access this place through air. There are several airlines that serving this route, both from East Java or Central Java. And you can also take a flight from El Tari (Kupang). Airlines that available here like Garuda, Wings, Trans Nusa.

If you take a flight from East Java to Tambolaka (TMC) the average price might be Rp 500K – 700K. While if you want to take a flight from Central Java, it might cost you for about Rp 800K – 1.000K.

Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute is not to far from the airport. You can either using public transportation or using taxi or taxibike to get here. You will need to ride for about 20 minutes before arrived at this place from the main airport at Tambaloka.

The average price for travel from the airport to the center of Tambolaka will be about Rp 50K/trip. While if you want rent a car it will be Rp 200K/trip. And if you want to rent it full day, you will be charge for Rp 500K. The price for taxibike is not expensive, since it is only charge you for Rp 50K/trip. Better to plan you most suited transportation before.

Travel Tips

Did you already prepared a nice vacation in Sumba travelers? If you decide to visit this place, we have some travel tips for you before visiting this amazing place :

  • You need to decide wether you want to stay in Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute or other lodging.
  • You need to consider that, even this place is not to far from the airport but it is a bit far from the nearest tourist object. So you need to consider of this matter if you want to stay here.
  • It is a place for whoever appreciating Sumba culture, and you must keep it in mind. You should enjoy the knowledge and historical about Sumba.
  • If you don’t have any intention on staying here and using taxi here than it is better to inform your driver to wait for about 30-45 minutes.
  • There is restaurant here so if you need meals, you will find it here.

It is a place where local needs to visit if the want to appreciate their history, culture, and the origin of our customs. Do not lose to foreign tourists, who do not even hesitate to come here far away to study while traveling. So don’t think to long, just go get your phone and book for a trip now!